Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ratings: 'The Chase' Sees high; 'Idiotest' and 'Skin Wars' see lows

Source: Douglas Pucci on TV Media Insights Forum (Tuesday ratings) (Wednesday ratings)

This past Tuesday at 8pm ET, the last episode of The Chase before its hiatus scored 665,000 total viewers, up 2% from last week's 651,000 total viewers. This is a season high for The Chase. The Chase had 73,000 18-49 viewers, which is very poor considering how many total viewers there were.

Idiotest, which aired after The Chase on Tuesday scored a season low with the 9pm ET hour (consisting of two new episodes) averaging 341,000 total viewers, down 27% from last week's season high which averaged 468,000 total viewers. The 9pm ET and first run of Idiotest had 337,000 total viewers, a 49% drop from lead-in The Chase. The 9:30pm ET, second run of Idiotest had 344,000 total viewers. Both episodes were down 31% (9pm) and 24% (9:30pm) from the previous week. In the 18-49 demo, Idiotest had some fair numbers, considering it's old-skewing GSN, with 77,000 18-49 viewers from the 9pm episode (up 5% from The Chase) and 109,000 18-49 viewers at 9:30pm (up 29% from the first Idiotest run).

Skin Wars, on Wednesday night at 9pm ET faced its biggest audience drop yet, with only 465,000 total viewers, down 29% from last week's 658,000 total viewers. The great news for Skin Wars is the 18-49 demo, which may have not hit an 0.2 but Skin Wars did bring in 169,000 18-49 viewers, higher than The Chase and Idiotest and most likely the highest rated 18-49 show on GSN this week.

The Chase has now averaged 569,000 total viewers this season thus far. Idiotest has averaged 422,000 total viewers so far. Skin Wars has averaged 627,000 total viewers in its first five episodes.

On the sidebar pools, 73% of voters said The Chase would hit a season high, which it did. For Idiotest, 25% of voters said Idiotest would hit a season low, which it did. The majority, 50%, said Idiotest would fall between its season high and low (between 429,000 viewers and 468,000 viewers). 80% polled on whether Skin Wars would rise or fall said Skin Wars would fall, which it did.


  1. Any news of a Joan Rivers tribute?

  2. No but if GSN tried it and announced it last week, it would have probably gotten some good numbers.