Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ratings: 'The Chase' rerun very strong; 'Idiotest' up slightly

Tuesday night's rerun of The Chase scored 559,000 total viewers at 8pm ET, down 16% from last week's finale. The Chase is on a mid-season hiatus until November.

Also on Tuesday night after The Chase, Idiotest averaged 374,000 total viewers in the 9pm ET hour, up 9% from the previous week's season low. Idiotest had 393,000 total viewers at 9pm, a 30% drop from lead-in The Chase, and 354,000 total viewers at 9:30pm, a 10% drop half-hour to half-hour. Both Idiotest episodes were new and were up 15% in total viewers from last week's 337,000 viewers (9pm) and 3% in total viewers from last week's 344,000 viewers (9:30pm).


  1. Just got the new schedule for September 29-October 5. It's posted at Game Show Follies. A ton of changes. I only got the single-page grid format, not the usual multi-page format with many more details on each show. Maybe they'll eventually send out the other format, I dunno.

  2. Thanks for the update. Very interesting but exciting changes. Some of the best in a while.

  3. I read on a competing forum GSN is pilotating a 60 minute version of $100K Chain Reaction w/ Mark Walberg as host. Not the guy from Wahlburgers but the game show guy. Can you contact your insiders at GSN and get more info on this? Personally I'm very excited, as it's must watch TV for me every afternoon in the 30 minutes version.

  4. I have not heard anything about a Chain Reaction revival, but an hour-long format makes sense with the recent successes of Skin Wars, American Bible Challenge, The Chase and It Takes a Church, while recent originals like The Pyramid and the final season of The Newlywed Game fell behind. It even appears GSN is scheduling Idiotest in a single hour-long block (see advanced schedules and the guide from your cable provider) at every new airing and rerun, even though Idiotest is actually two half-hour episodes.

    As for forum chatter, who really knows at this point. Nothing is set in stone until GSN officially green lights the revival.

    Which forum anyway? I don't visit many.