Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ratings: 'The Chase', 'Idiotest'

Source: Douglas Pucci (on TV Media Insights Forum)

Last night's (Tuesday) rerun of The Chase at 8pm ET scored 383,000 total viewers. This is up 12% from last week's 338,000 total viewers (which was also a rerun).

Idiotest at 9pm ET (first new run) scored a series-low 333,000 total viewers, down 4% from last week's 347,000 total viewers in the same timeslot. Idiotest scored another series-low at 9:30pm ET (second new run) with 279,000 total viewers, down 19% from last week's 344,000 viewers in the same timeslot.

Idiotest, hour-to-hour dropped 20% from The Chase. The immediate episode of Idiotest following The Chase dropped 13% in total viewers. The second episode of Idiotest dropped 16% from the first episode.

My guess for Skin Wars finale tonight:
9pm 2-hour Skin Wars Finale: 616,000 total viewers (0.2 18-49)
11pm Idiotest NEW: 394,000 total viewers (0.1 18-49)
11:30pm Idiotest NEW: 333,000 total viewers (0.1 18-49)

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  1. At least Idiotest is doing better in ratings than Mind Of A Man