Monday, September 22, 2014

GSN Schedule October 6-12

From GameShowFollies, here is the latest grid schedule for the week of October 6-12. Baggage returns to Sunday nights in the 9pm (ET) hour while prior Sunday night specials All Star Secrets and Babble will obtain the noon (ET) hour on Thursdays as part of GSN's weekly "Throwback Thursday" special, which will occur from 8am to 1pm (ET).

By rumor, Game Show Network will be collecting game show rarities in alphabetical order, like All Star Secrets and Babble (which will air on October 5th). For example, the week of October 12th, game shows starting with 'C' and 'D' will air. This is expected to occur for thirteen weeks and would end Sunday, December 28th (the last Sunday of the year).


  1. I think C would stand for Chain Reaction (NBC) and D for Dream House.

    1. No, you jerk the entire Bob Eubanks era of Dream House has been wiped. The Mike Darrow era still exist.

  2. I started that rumor on Casey's blog with nothing more than an observation that the first two shows started with "A" and "B" respectively. Stop publicizing it as more than that.

  3. If by your reasoning, Malcolm November 16th.......

  4. Starting on the 29th it says The Pyramid (GSN) will air at 2:30 replacing Chain Reaction and that will air 3 and 3:30 replacing Family Feud (Harvey).