Monday, September 8, 2014

GSN casting for 'Baggage' reboot: 'Baggage-On The Road'

Game Show Network has released a casting call through Reality Wanted for a Baggage revival, labeled Baggage-On The Road. The location for this casting call is in Austin, Texas.

Baggage-On The Road has yet to be green-lit, or even announced in any shape or form officially by GSN. It is unknown if Jerry Springer will return to the series for these episodes.

Special thanks to Casey Abell for noticing the casting call from Reality Wanted on a comment here earlier today.

Baggage with Jerry Springer ran on Game Show Network starting in April 2010 and became a hit in ratings, prompting GSN to order a second season which premiered in August 2010. Baggage ended its third season in May 2012 and the series concluded after 300 episodes. Baggage has remained active on the GSN schedule since its 2012 finale and has held strong ratings in reruns.

GSN must be liking recent Baggage numbers. Baggage, recently, was given another hour in Sunday night primetime. Baggage airs in reruns at 12am ET and 2am ET weeknights. Additionally, Baggage airs Sunday nights from 8pm to 11pm ET.

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