Monday, September 1, 2014

GameShowNetworkNews delievers strongest month ever in readers thanks to 'Skin Wars' and 'Idiotest' debuts

Thanks to all of our readers, yes you, GameShowNetworkNews has delivered by far its best month yet in page views.

GameShowNetworkNews received a total of 18,021 views during August 2014, up 12% month-to-month from July 2014 and up 46% year-to-year from August 2013. GameShowNetworkNews has averaged a record-breaking 581 pageviews per day during the month of August, compared to the 332 pageview average per day from February 24, 2013 through July 31, 2014.

GameShowNetworkNews hit several hit points throughout August, with 727 pageviews on August 6th, the Skin Wars premiere, followed by 616 pageviews on August 12th, the Idiotest debut and 683 pageviews August 13th, with the GSN community awaiting to see how Idiotest performed.

On August 21st, GameShowNetworkNews hit a record high 1,015 pageviews within the 24-hour measured period, the highest amount of pageviews by far for any given day since the launch of GameShowNetworkNews in February 2013.

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