Tuesday, September 2, 2014

'Game Show Moments Gone Bananas' to be removed from schedule

With advanced schedules currently unavailable beyond this week, according to the Comcast and Verizon Fios GSN Schedules, Game Show Moments Gone Bananas will be removed Sunday nights starting September 14th and Baggage will air in the 8pm ET hour. Baggage will now air for three hours, 8pm to 11pm ET on Sunday nights, the entire primetime lineup.

The GSN Online Schedule confirms the changes listed the other day effective Monday, September 8th. Mind of a Man has been removed from late nights and will be replaced with Baggage at 2am ET. Let's Ask America will air in the 3am ET hour.


  1. Hey, sorry. Haven't gotten any advance schedules lately. I'll send a note asking about them.

    1. Will you get any advance schedules tomorrow?

    2. I have no clue if I'll ever get any more advance schedules. Maybe they didn't like my nasty review of Skin Wars (wink).

      Halfway seriously, a while back GSN sent out an e-mail asking for feedback about its distribution of the pdf schedules. I said I really appreciated receiving them, and so did some of my blog's readers. But I got the feeling they were looking to prune the distribution list, so maybe I've been dropped.

      Oh well, life goes on. I'm not sure why GSN would want to drop my blog from the list. After all, any network would like to get out word about its upcoming atractions. But I haven't gotten any new schedules for quite a while now.

  2. Got the schedules for most of September and posted them at Game Show Follies. The nice lady who sends me the pdfs assured me that I haven't been dropped from the distribution list.