Tuesday, August 26, 2014

'The Chase', 'Idiotest' new tonight

Two of Game Show Network's hit originals will run new episodes tonight. The Chase airs tonight NEW at 8pm ET. This is the eighth episode of the second season. Idiotest airs tonight NEW at 9pm ET with two half-hour episodes.

The Chase, since its July 8th season premiere has averaged 544,000 total viewers in seven episodes. Idiotest since its August 12th series premiere has averaged 440,000 total viewers.

Last week, The Chase hit a season high in total audience with 596,000 total viewers. The Chase was renewed for a 20-episode fourth season last Thursday. Last week, Idiotest averaged 429,000 total viewers in its second week of new episodes. Both weeks, Idiotest has risen half-hour-to-half-hour in the 18-49 demo.

Predictions for new GSN originals tonight:
8pm The Chase: 604,000 total viewers, 107K 18-49
9pm Idiotest: 444,000 total viewers, 128K 18-49
9:30pm Idiotest: 399,000 total viewers, 137K 18-49


  1. Kind of off topic, but worth mentioning. There's a Skin Wars marathon this Saturday from 3-7pm.

    As for next week, there's no Labor Day marathon this year. In fact, the only schedule change next week is Ohno MTWI replacing Dog Eat Dog at 3am Sundays.

    Still don't know if their are any changes after that, because Casey has not gotten any new PDF schedule's yet.

    One more question, does this website no longer work well on mobile devices? I'm on an actual computer right now and this is the first comment I've been able to post here in over a month. When I pull up this website on my phone, it's really slow and I can't post comments or vote on polls anymore. I think this problem started when you changed the background from blue shooting stars to the GSN logo. I'm not asking you to change the background, I'm just pointing out a problem in case you're not aware. I think it's just this website that doesn't work well on my phone, as Game Show Follies still works fine on my phone.

  2. Sorry about these problems. I would recommend desktop for now but I will try to make changes for the mobile site soon.

  3. Douglas Pucci just posted the total viewer numbers. The Chase 651K, a season high, Idiotest 485K and 450K, Skin Wars 658K.

    1. Thanks for the heads up. I have been away. Very strong numbers, very strong lineup.

      Did I hear The Chase is ending its current batch of episodes September 2nd? Still have not seen any ads for that.