Tuesday, August 12, 2014

'The Chase' has issues

Through social media and other online complaints to Game Show Network, it has been noted by the public that on non-high definition televisions and cable providers that do not offer GSN HD, the multiple choice questions during "The Chase" round are more difficult to read than the previous two seasons.

"The Chase" round on The Chase consumes about 21 minutes of the 42 minute airtime.

The on-screen text has also been found more difficult to read than questions and answers on Family Feud on GSN and Who Wants to be a Millionaire? elsewhere.

It has also been reported by the public that the closed captioning overlaps the multiple choice questions during The Chase.

Have you experienced any of these issues? Would these issues make you stop watching The Chase? Let GameShowNetworkNews know.

These issues have not seemed to affect ratings too much. The Chase has gained an audience in weeks 2, 3 and 5 while in all five weeks The Chase has seen viewership nearly two times above the oridinary GSN primetime average. Season 3, thus far:

July 8th (season premiere): 494,000 total viewers
July 15th: 534,000 total viewers (up 8% from previous week)
July 22nd: 578,000 total viewers (up 8% from previous week)
July 29th: 531,000 total viewers (down 8% from previous week)
August 5th: 558,000 total viewers (up 5% from previous week)

The Chase airs tonight, NEW at 8pm ET. Idiotest premieres at 9pm ET.


  1. I watch in HD, and even then, I have a hard time reading the questions. At my workplace, the letterboxed SD feed makes it really tough. You'd have to be pretty close to the screen. The text won't stop me from watching. Never used CC.

  2. GSN knows about these issues and is re-editing to the shows to make the graphics more legible. You will see that starting on the next episode.

  3. I can read the questions just barely. And like you said, the issues with the questions in the individual chase rounds being small to read for most viewers don't seem to hurt the ratings of the show! The show itself is doing phenomenally well and I do hope we get to see a fourth season of the show and maybe even a fifth and possibly even a sixth!

  4. I won't watch either way. I don't enjoy watching some fat guy showing off his intelligence. Hey fat boy, come to the gym with me and see how long you last there! By the way, those questions on the side about "what shows will you be watching" really need a "None of the above" option.

  5. GSN's prime time average for August 4-10 was 365K. So while the August 5 run of The Chase did 53% better than the average - which is certainly very good - it didn't get "nearly two times" the average.

    As the for the small lettering of the qustions, it's no issue for me. On our big-screen TV the questions are legible. It looks like GSN is fixing the "problem," anyway.

  6. That is a higher than normal weekly primetime average by a bit--thanks to Skin Wars. But the new runs of The Chase average at least 1.5 times the GSN primetime average, close enough to "nearly two times" compared to anything else on the network (except Skin Wars now). I may have made a bit of an over estimate.

    I also heard there have been some graphics updates to The Chase. Did not catch the episode yet.

    What did you think of Idiotest? Sounds like a cheap future rerun filler for GSN in the long term.

  7. I liked Idiot test though I don't think I would watch a ton of it. I figured out most of the brain teasers though the ones in the final round I didn't get. Hard to tell if the contestants are brainiacs like on Jeopardy or just dumb contestants like on many game shows. At least I found it amusing though some of his banter and jokes were annoying.