Friday, August 22, 2014

'The Chase': Casting, tweet from Mark Labbett

PictureTwo notes for the newly renewed The Chase here:

The Chase is casting through their official casting website, Public auditions will be held in nine cities throughout September and October in Los Angeles (September 6), Washington DC (September 13), Houston (September 13), New York City (September 20), Chicago (September 27), San Francisco (September 27), Indianapolis (October 4), Boston (October 11), Seattle (October 11). You can also submit through sending in a video. Make sure to check all the rules since there are many!

Mark Labbett, "The Beast", in a conversation on Twitter was discussing the number of episodes for The Chase USA. 8 for Season 1, true (while only 6 aired in Season 1). 9 for Season 2, true (while 11 actually aired in Season 2, two leftover from Season 1). Though, there are 14, according to Mark for Season 3. I assume GSN has taped an extra once again, like they did in Season 2, since 13 were originally ordered. Watch out for that in the coming month.

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