Thursday, August 14, 2014

'Skin Wars' down 16% in total viewers from premiere

Source: Douglas Pucci ("SonoftheBronx")/TV Media Insights Forum

Last night's (August 13th) second episode of Skin Wars at 9pm ET scored 588,000 total viewers, down 16% in total viewers from last week's premiere (which had 697,000 total viewers). This number is still higher than any run of The Chase this summer thus far.

In the 18-49 demo, Skin Wars delievered 240,000 viewers, down only 5% from last week's 252,000 18-49 viewers. The 18-49 demo number calculates to a 0.2 for the second straight week. In comparison, most other GSN programs earn a 0.1 or 0.0, very rarely anything above.

In other ratings, the Idiotest premiere encore (10-11pm ET) after Skin Wars actually performed better than Tuesday night's premiere. Tuesday night's two episode premiere averaged 452,000 total viewers (461K and 442K) while the same episode reruns last night averaged 489,000 total viewers (490K and 487K). The 18-49 numbers for Idiotest post-Skin Wars, 178K and 10pm ET and 180K at 10:30pm ET were higher than Tuesday's premiere (which had 143K and 157K 18-49)

Reaction: Big scores in the 18-49 everywhere this week but Tuesday night's The Chase, which had 71,000 18-49 viewers, less than half of Idiotest and less than a third than what Skin Wars has had. Latest I have heard anything, The Chase will get a fourth season. The total viewers numbers have been great anyway.

Looks like Idiotest and Skin Wars really score big in the valuable 18-49 number. It appears that it would have been a smart idea to have had Skin Wars and Idiotest to premiere on the same night. We'll see how new Idiotest runs continue to do post-Chase, but GSN must be very happy that the 18-49 for Idiotest grew from episode to episode. Plus, doubled from The Chase.

GSN must also be happy with how well Skin Wars is doing, with a small drop in total viewers but not much of a drop at all in the 18-49 number week to week. Wednesday night was another success for GSN; it appears that the Skin Wars audience thought Idiotest was new. We can expect to see Idiotest runs stay behind Skin Wars in the next few Wednesdays.

Looks like Skin Wars is already a lock for season two, unless things really crash and burn. Idiotest is questionable, since it premiered with Mind of a Man-ish numbers on Tuesday.


  1. The Chase was officially picked up for a fourth season today.

  2. the reason why gsn airs junky non game show programming like the ghetto body painting show is because people watch that junk. why do you think there is no learning left on the learning channel except stupid fake reality junk? because that's the crap people watch these days. I'm sure they will add more reality junk at the expense of real game show programming.

    You can tell GSN only caters to one demographic by looking at the picture of who makes those calls. The woman looks fat, overweight, and wears a shirt to try to accentuate her breasts which is exactly how I pictured her in my mind before ever seeing a photo of her. GSN only caters to black women. Why is most FF Steve Harvey? Because only black women like him (he is sexist and racist). Why did they have that garbage mind of a ghetto man? Because only black women would watch it. That fake church dating show? Again only black women watch it.

    If you are white or a male, or especially a white male, GSN doesn't care about you.

  3. "GSN must also be happy with how well Skin Wars is doing, with a small drop in total viewers..."

    I know total viewers is not really the demographic that matters, but I would not call losing 16% of your total viewers "a small drop."

    1. A 16% drop may be a little sizable, but small compared to other originals in recent history that have suffered steeper drops from premiere week to next, including American Bible Challenge, Beat the Chefs, Family Trade and The Chase.

      Minute to Win It, another example, suffered a steep drop from hour to hour on its premiere night.

      All steeper than Skin Wars.

    2. None of that takes away from the fact that you stated that losing 16% of the audience was a "small drop." If you meant "compared to other GSN originals," then you should have said so. This is another example of you trying to backpedal your way out of a mistake after the fact. Just be a man and own up to the fact that you misspoke.

  4. While obviously GSN would like to increase the number of viewers, the 16% drop still leaves them with numbers they're thrilled with.

  5. GSN picked up 20 episodes.

    1. They picked up 20 new episodes of Skin Wars? Is that what you're saying??

  6. "Idiotest is questionable."

    If the show keeps getting anything like 180K 18-49 viewers, the only questionable thing is how big the second season order will be. That's a fantastic number for GSN.

  7. Idiotest is still very questionable. We have only seen ratings for two of forty new episodes for Idiotest. The 18-49 numbers for Idiotest, averaging 150K in the premiere and 179K after Skin Wars, are fantastic, but a second season is very up in the air.

    For a show like Skin Wars, we have already seen ratings for two of only eight episodes, where the total viewer and 18-49 ratings have been great. A second season should be a lock already.

  8. I'll stick to my statement that a 16% decrease in audience is a small drop, but only from premiere night to the next episode. Only one in six viewers tuned out from week 1 to 2 of Skin Wars. Consider the premiere night hype for all new shows on television.

    If there was a 16% drop every single week in audience, then that is a big deal.

    Sorry for any confusion.

  9. "Idiotest is still very questionable. We have only seen ratings for two of forty new episodes for Idiotest."

    So what if it's two of forty or two of eight? Actually, we now have numbers on four runs of Idiotest, and the 18-49 demos have all been terrific for the dead-skewing GSN. If the numbers hold up at all, Idiotest is a lock for a second season.