Saturday, August 16, 2014

Schedule change: 'Skin Wars' reruns adjusted

Source: GSN Online Schedule

Effective this Wednesday (August 20th), GSN will add two Skin Wars reruns at 7pm and 8pm, replacing Steve Harvey's Family Feud and The Chase. These two Skin Wars reruns from 7-9pm will lead into a new Skin Wars at 9pm.

The Skin Wars rerun at 5pm is now replaced with Shop 'Til You Drop. Skin Wars still reruns at 12am.

Steve Harvey's Family Feud airs at 10pm to 12am.

All Times Eastern


  1. We now get Shop 'til You Drop 4 days a week instead of 3 days.

  2. Skin Wars is a classic fanbois nightmare but a GSN exec dream come true.

  3. Just got a new pdf for August 25-31. Idiotest will get a couple reruns at 10:00 PM on Wednesday starting August 27. The schedule is up at Game Show Follies.

  4. Idiotest also will run Wednesday, August 20th after Skin Wars, from 10-11pm ET says the GSN Online Schedule. GSN must have really liked the Idiotest numbers from last week to give it the lead out spot to their hot new original, Skin Wars.