Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ratings: 'The Chase' hits season high; 'Idiotest' down 5% week to week

Source: Douglas Pucci on TV Media Insights Forum

Last night (August 19th), the new episode of The Chase at 8pm ET hit a season high attracting 596,000 total viewers, up 14% in total viewers week to week. Last week's episode attracted 515,000 viewers.   The Chase had 109,000 viewers in the 18-49 demographic, a little more impressive than last week's 71,000 18-49 viewers, but still not great and rather weak.

The last season high occurred on July 22nd, which had 578,000 total viewers.

Idiotest suffered a very slight decrease from premiere week to this week. Idiotest averaged 429,000 total viewers in the 9pm ET hour, down 5% in total viewers from last week's 452,000 viewers.

Idiotest had 447,000 total viewers at 9pm ET, down 25% from its lead-in, The Chase. The second episode of Idiotest at 9:30pm ET attracted 411,000 total viewers, down 8% from the 9pm ET episode.

The really great news with Idiotest is the rise from The Chase in the 18-49 demographic. Idiotest at 9pm ET had 139,000 18-49 viewers, up 22% from The Chase. At 9:30pm, Idiotest had 164,000 18-49 viewers, up 15% from the prior episode. The hour average for 18-49 demographic for Idiotest is up 1% week to week (150K to 152K).

On the sidebar poll, none of the voters were correct in predicting that Idiotest would drop from its premiere. 80% of voters said Idiotest would stay afloat with the 452,000 viewer premiere average, while 20% of voters said Idiotest would rise.

An additional note: If you are not satisfied with the Idiotest drop in total viewers from The Chase, keep in mind the 18-49 demographic is very important for television and advertising nowadays, plus Idiotest, along with Skin Wars go up against America's Got Talent, summer's number one show.


  1. GSN will announce a new season of the Chase tomorrow. Will be taped in November and air in January.

  2. The thing I like so much about The Chase is it has an almost old school gameshow feel which may not appeal to the younger Demo but for those of us who grew up on gameshows, that's what I like about it, old school feel but still modern enough.

  3. Inreally like the Idiotest - even better than The Chase and that says a lot. It really is a great mind game.