Tuesday, August 12, 2014


 Idiotest, hosted by Ben Gleib premieres tonight on Game Show Network at 9pm ET, following The Chase. Two half-hour episodes of Idiotest will be shown at 9pm and 9:30pm ET.

Idiotest, I admit, has received very little attention prior to premiere compared to Skin Wars, The Chase, Family Trade, The Pyramid and of course, American Bible Challenge. GSN first announced Idiotest as a green-lit series in their 2014-15 upfronts and ordering 40 half-hour episodes the same day with Ben Gleib announced as host. GSN later announced the premiere date.

I really see Idiotest turning into a rerun-success in the next 1 to 3 years, and GSN will keep grinding these 40 episodes into the ground like they have done with the new Lingo, The Pyramid and with more episodes, Chain Reaction and Catch 21.

Guess the ratings on the sidebar and tell GameShowNetworkNews what shows you will be watching in tonight's primetime lineup.

My ratings guess: The whole 9pm ET hour will average 416,000 viewers.


  1. Will gsn have a Robin Williams tribute?

  2. I doubt it; the Jim Lange tribute bombed in terms of ratings, and the only game show I can recall Williams being on is Hollywood Squares. But this is GSN, so who knows...

  3. Yeah, Jim Lange and Robin Williams are comparable celebrities.

  4. I'll bet Jim Lange has more hours of screen time.