Monday, August 4, 2014

GSN under Amy Introcaso-Davis

GSN EVP, Amy IntroCaso-Davis
It has been nearly three years since Amy Introcaso-Davis jumped from Oxygen to Game Show Network, becoming the Executive Vice President of Programming at GSN. Though the two tests called "Skin Wars" and "Idiotest" are yet to come very soon, here is how the past three years have rated under her:

1- Complete Failure
2- Did not do much good
3- Light success
4- Moderate success
5- Highly successful

American Bible Challenge (5)

Beat the Chefs (2)

The Pyramid (3.5)

The Newlywed Game Season 6 (3)

Family Trade (1)

Minute to Win It revival (3)

The Chase (5)

Mind of a Man (1.5)

It Takes a Church (2)

Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? (5)

Dancing with the Stars (1)

Family Feud (Harvey) First two seasons (5)

Password Plus (2.5)

Super Password (4)

The $25,000 Pyramid New to GSN episodes (4)

Blockbusters (3)

Press Your Luck (3.5)

Minute to Win It (Fieri) (3)

Dog Eat Dog re-acquired (2)

Family Feud (O'Hurley) last season (4)

Game Show Moments Gone Bananas re-acquired (3)

1 vs. 100 (Saget) re-acquired (3.5)

Shop 'Til You Drop (4)

Sale of the Century (4)


  1. How in the world can the acquisitions of Password Plus, Super Password, 25K Pyramid, Blockbusters, Sale of the Century, and Press Your Luck be considered any kind of real success? These shows are lucky to draw 200K viewers with demos just this side of death.

    These pickups might thrill a few dozen posters on the Internet, who wail and moan constantly for more old stuff on GSN. They barely make a ripple with the network's actual audience. At most these shows can be considered cheap pickups to cover some throwaway hours on the schedule.

    Also, Shop Til You Drop draws middling audiences at best. "Moderate success" is very generous.

  2. How can PYL get a 3.5 when it gets bumped from the weekday schedule to the piss poor weekend morning schedule? Same thing with Password Plus.

    I think Family Trade deserves higher than an 1. Maybe a 2 or 2.5
    It Takes a Church should be at least a 3.
    Where's Late Night Liars? You forgot about that.

    STYD should be a 2,5 or 3 at best. The way it got shuffled on the schedule and gets preempts on Tuesdays/Thursday is telling. Dee Baker's routine is getting thin with viewers.

  3. No desire to watch Skin Wars...but I am intrigued to check out Idiotest.

  4. By the way, Amy Davis herself (never can remember how to spell her maiden name) has a long interview at Some interesting stuff about GSN's future...