Sunday, August 31, 2014

'App Wars' trashed, still casting

App Wars, an upcoming Game Show Network Shark Tank spin-off where people create and pitch new smartphone app ideas has been trashed by one writer.

This specific blogger trashes the idea since smartphone users in general are downloading less apps. This blogger thinks this is by far one of the worst ideas Game Show Network has ever pitched. 

Game Show Network has sent out another casting call for App Wars, the second this year. App Wars was first featured in the 2014-15 upfronts and a pilot was ordered. GSN, shortly after the upfront announcement sent out a casting call, but was unsuccessful and no pilot was taped because of the lack of response. Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to work with professional app builders, similar to the concept of ABC's Shark Tank.

App Wars may be similar to a Shark Tank rip-off, but I can see this working for GSN. If Skin Wars can, this can too. Plus, I am also thinking GSN will tie-in the "App Wars" title to go along with "Skin Wars", with the recent Skin Wars success.

Additionally, CNBC, a small cable outlet has had success with Shark Tank spin-offs, Restaurant Startup and The Profit.

We'll see if App Wars makes it to daylight any day soon, but the last I heard is App Wars will roll around sometime in mid-2015. Best of luck to GSN expanding their original programming beyond their $5,000 in-studio end games of the mid/late 2000's.

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  1. You're making stuff up again, Arnold. There are not plans for a mid 2015 premiere for App Wars. The show died because it is boring, not due to lack of response.

  2. Yep, and like always, he never admits he's wrong. Class act there, Skippy.