Monday, July 7, 2014

'The Chase' ratings: Season 3 guesses

The Chase premieres tomorrow (Tuesday 7/8) night on Game Show Network, as you can see on the above countdown clock. Brooke Burns returns as the host. Mark Labbett returns as the solo "Chaser".

After a moderate but respectable start last summer, The Chase ended its second season run six months ago with the last four of five weeks reaching series and GSN highs, building an audience for four consecutive weeks. Since its new runs ended, unlike American Bible Challenge, The Chase has remained on the schedule on Tuesday nights currently and weekends previously. With the Season 2 finale 37 percent higher than the Season 1 finale, will the same ratings growth continue for Season 3?

On the sidebar polls, over 80 percent of voters said they would watch The Chase, much higher than upcoming series Skin Wars and Idiotest. According to another poll, most of you will watch The Chase at the time of its first airing, while very few of you will depend on later reruns. Nearly 90 percent of you think GSN airing the same episode two times in a row is a bad idea on GSN's programming part.

Here is a full series ratings summary since the August 6th premiere:

Season 1 (2013)
August 6th, 9:00pm: 511,000 viewers
August 6th, 10:00pm: 461,000 viewers
August 13th, 9:00pm: 397,000 viewers
August 20th, 9:00pm: 401,000 viewers
August 27th, 9:00pm: 506,000 viewers
September 3rd, 9:00pm: 509,000 viewers
Season 1 average: 464,000 viewers

Season 2 (2013-14)
November 5th, 8:00pm: 453,000 viewers
November 12th, 8:00pm: 433,000 viewers
November 19th, 8:00pm: 452,000 viewers
December 3rd, 8:00pm: 466,000 viewers
December 10th, 8:00pm: 553,000 viewers
December 17th, 8:00pm: 410,000 viewers
January 7th, 8:00pm: 620,000 viewers
January 14th, 8:00pm: 666,000 viewers
January 21st, 8:00pm: 721,000 viewers
January 28th, 8:00pm: 827,000 viewers
February 4th: 8:00pm: 818,000 viewers
Season 2 average: 584,000 viewers

My prediction:
8:00pm (Season premiere): 624,000 viewers
9:00pm (repeat of season premiere from previous hour): 299,000 viewers
11:00pm (repeat of season premiere): 365,000 viewers

Any guesses? Vote on the sidebar or leave a comment. Ratings poll at top closes at 2pm Eastern Wednesday.


  1. I don't see a countdown clock!!

  2. Sorry, but you must be on the mobile site. The countdown clock is on the full, desktop website.

    As an edit to the article, I must also add I do not see an episode of The Chase this season reaching 1 million viewers. GSN, year-round is viewed most in January when the cold winter weather making people stay indoors. I think The Chase just went out on a very high note that we may not see again.

    1. I'm on the desktop website, and I don't see any countdown clock either.

  3. 300k low point
    545k high point