Thursday, July 10, 2014

'The Chase' ratings: People react now, GSN will later

The Chase season 3 premiere episode debuted to 494,000 total viewers, highly respectable for the GSN audience but significantly lower than episodes at the end of Season 2. The first episode of season three scored 494,000 total viewers, which is not bad when five out of eleven episodes from Season 2 were rated lower, while eight out of seventeen episodes since the series premiere last August have had lower ratings than 494,000 viewers.

The Chase is up eight percent from last season's premiere, where in comparison, American Bible Challenge fell 45% from its Season 2 to Season 3 premiere.

Social media and blog reaction: Douglas Pucci on Twitter labels The Chase ratings as "modest" and also noted that GSN's primetime ratings average is down overall since January, when The Chase Season 2 ended. Matthew Jones, better known as "@CarShark2" said "That's not good" due to the fact that most episodes received 700K to 800K viewers last season.

Only three episodes reached 700K+ last season.

The same Matthew Jones tweeted Buzzerblog and said he was expecting a million.

Casey Abell notes that he should have saw this coming with low American Bible Challenge numbers. Casey also previously thought that an episode of The Chase could see a million viewers. Casey states "That's still fine by GSN's historical standards, but way short of what I was hoping for. We'll see if numbers improve as the season goes on."

Very true, though the million number is not impossible where maybe The Chase will climb in the ratings come September, when more people are watching television.

Chad Mosher on Twitter states "[The Chase] is up from last season's premiere but let's hope it picks up steam like season 2."

Alex Davis (@Buzzerblog) on Twitter emphasizes that the Season 3 premiere did perform better than the Season 2 premiere and The Chase needs to be given time to let viewers know it is airing, just like what happened in Season 2.

GSN will react: They should be satisfied, at the least, with the first portion of Tuesday night's The Chase season premiere, the first and only new episode at 8pm. Douglas Pucci posted numbers for the 9pm and 11pm reruns, which were not as satisfying. The 9pm rerun, immediately following the new run dropped 53 percent from the new run to 231,000 viewers. This is expected considering the 9pm episode was a rerun of the premiere, just the hour before.

On one of the sidebar polls, 88% of everyone who voted agreed that GSN airing the same two episodes of The Chase in a row was a "Bad idea".

The 11pm rerun will definitely remain, as it always does.

If not next week, very shortly it is likely that GSN will remove the immediate rerun of The Chase at 9pm and replace it with a Season 1 or 2 rerun of The Chase. Given that for The Chase Season 2 premiere, Bob Saget's 1 vs. 100 dropped 33% after The Chase. GSN then removed 1 vs. 100 immediately due to poor performance. With this example, GSN will probably also remove the immediate rerun of The Chase given its substantial ratings drop.

Despite all this, I'm confident we'll see a non-reduced Season 4.

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  1. "GSN's primetime ratings average is down overall since January..."

    Well, sure, because a lot fewer people watch TV in July than in January. Summer time, the great outdoors, etc. But GSN is currently performing pretty much the same relative to other cable networks in prime time as it did in January.

    For the latest week (June 30-July 6) GSN ranked 42nd in prime time viewer average among all cable nets. In January GSN ranked 43rd. No real difference, just fewer people in general watching television.

  2. Correct.

    Though, I will be publishing an article later today or tomorrow on how the week of June 23-29, which averaged 346K/209K primetime/total day, had the lowest total day average since April 2-8, 2012, when Dancing with the Stars was still around and Harvey Feud did not invade much of the schedule yet.