Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Starting at 8pm (Eastern) on Game Show Network tonight, Brooke Burns and Mark Labbett return for Season 3 of The Chase. The show formatting is the same as Season 1 and 2, with three contestants and $5,000 for each correct answer in the one-minute Cash Builder Round. This season contains thirteen episodes which will wrap up in the early Fall.

Reruns of The Chase air at 9pm and 11pm (ET) tonight as well as on the weekend.

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My guess: 624,000 total viewers (0.1 18-49).

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  1. Great opening episode to start Season 3. This is the first new gameshow I have cared about in years and this was a really good opener. Love the show. The Chase is the only gameshow I regularly watch on GSN anymore. They should change the name of the network to the Family Feud Channel. I like the Feud fine but the number of airings they have is beyond ridiculous.

  2. Everyone guesses too high. You forget it's GSN here and they don't know how to market a show. 494,000 viewers, 73,000 18-49. Not good numbers.