Friday, July 18, 2014

Season 3 'American Bible Challenge' winners revealed

American Bible Challenge Spoiler Below

Team Bible Belts have won Season 3 of the American Bible Challenge. Team Bible Belts beat Team Rhymz with Grace 4 to 3 in Final Revelation. Team Bible Belts, who went last in the Final Revelation, answered their 4 correct with time to spare. Team Rhymz with Grace, who went first, answered their 3 correct in the first 20 seconds in their minute, where in the last 40 seconds the three teammates of Rhymz with Grace passed all the questions.

Team Bible Belts win a total of $140,000 for their charity, "Kicks for Jesus", which teaches individuals Martial arts.

Team Rhymz with Grace win a total of $45,000 to their charity, "Home of Grace", which helps abuse victims.

Team Devoted Divas win a total of $27,500 to their charity, "Unity in the Community", which provides public services to all ages of those who need it.
Team Bible Belts win Season 3 of the American Bible Challenge.


  1. Even if The American Bible Challenge doesn't get a 4th season, I think GSN should produce 1 more episode with the winning team from each season (Judson's Legacy, Wagner Warriors, and Bible Belts) competing for an additional $20,000 for their charity. GSN could call it a Tournament of Champions if they want to. I'm sure GSN could spare one hour of sherriwed for something like this.

    1. It would be a great idea. I would love to see that.