Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ratings: 'The Chase' Up 8% week-to-week again

Source: SonoftheBronx (Douglas Pucci) Twitter

The Chase has hit a season high for the second straight week.

Douglas reports that last night's (July 22nd) new episode of The Chase, at 8pm (ET) scored 578,000 total viewers, up 8% from last week's 534,000 total viewers. This is up 15% from the July 8th season premiere, which had 494,000 viewers.

This episode of The Chase, with 578K viewers, is significantly higher than all episodes in season one and also significantly higher than the first six episode of season two.

On the sidebar polls, out of 21 of voters, 16 (76%) of you stated that The Chase would rise from last week, which it did. On another poll, 13 out of 21 (61%) of voters stated that The Chase will see high but not record breaking numbers this season.

This episode of The Chase, with 578,000 viewers, tops last week's American Bible Challenge finale on Thursday, which had 555,000 viewers. The Chase Season 3, including this episode, has now averaged 535,000 viewers (where Season 2 averaged 584,000 viewers). This compares to the third season of American Bible Challenge, which averaged 550,000 total viewers for its third season.

American Bible Challenge is the highest rated original of 2014 so far, though The Chase had higher numbers back in January.

Douglas also notes that the 11pm (ET) rerun had 277,000 total viewers.


  1. The younger demo numbers were down. GSN doesn't really care about the overall audience.

    1. What or who is your source on knowing the 18-49 is down?

  2. Actually it should have been 16 out of 21 voted for up. I was drunk the night I partook in the survey and clicked the wrong button. I never knew my love for the devil's brew would skew the percentage and be featured in the main section. Can you please change this to 76% so the #s are presented properly? THANKS~Larry J.

    1. Updated. Very glad to see one less person thought The Chase would decrease that much in audience.

      Remember to vote for next week!