Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ratings: 'The Chase' up 8 percent in total viewers

Source: SonoftheBronx Twitter

At 8pm (ET) last night, The Chase scored 534,000 total viewers according to Douglas Pucci, up 8% in total viewers from last week's season premiere of 494,000 total viewers.

On the poll on the sidebar, 66% of you thought last night's episode of The Chase would perform above last week's 494,000 viewers, while 34% who voted thought The Chase would perform below 494,000 viewers. The great news here is a majority of you were correct!


  1. The Chase has a good following (I love it). I think the increase in ratings come down simply to the fact more people found out new episodes were airing.

    1. I agree. Season 2 started out average, like Season 3 right now, but Season 2 rose in November and December even before the 600K+ numbers when The Chase returned after the Christmas/New Years break.

      It's great that The Chase is retaining and gaining audience week to week. No other GSN weekly show has done that.