Wednesday, July 30, 2014

'It Takes a Church' up without 'American Bible Challenge'

Source: SonoftheBronx (Douglas Pucci) Twitter

It Takes a Church saw 343,000 total viewers for its latest Thursday night broadcast (July 24th) at 9pm ET. This was the seventh airing of It Takes a Church. This is up 14% from last week's season low of 294,000 total viewers.

Here is a summary of It Takes a Church ratings since the June 5th season premiere and the percentage drops from American Bible Challenge the hour before: 417K (-19%), 385K (-28%), 387K (-20%), 415K (-23%), 392K (-33%), 294K (-47%).

It Takes a Church has now averaged 376,000 viewers in its seven episode run, where the first five episodes alone averaged 399,000 viewers. Compare It Takes a Church to American Bible Challenge Season 3, which averaged 550,000 viewers for 9 episodes. The first season of Mind of a Man averaged 257,000 viewers in 40 episodes.

Also, on the sidebar poll with 37 votes, only 8% of voters thought It Takes a Church would rise without American Bible Challenge, which it did, while 54% of voters thought Church would fall dramatically for its July 24th and 31st airings.

The season finale of It Takes a Church airs this Thursday, the 31st, at 9pm ET. Unlike American Bible Challenge, It Takes a Church remains on the schedule throughout August for one week (August 4-10) after its finale.

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