Thursday, July 24, 2014

'It Takes a Church' tonight on GSN

New GSN original It Takes a Church has two episodes left in its inaugural season. One of them airs tonight at 9pm (ET), after The Newlywed Game. Keep supporting It Takes a Church if you want to see a second season! Now is the time.

On tonight's episode of It Takes a Church, for the first time one bachelor will meet four women, where normally it is the other way around.

Will It Takes a Church rise or fall without the American Bible Challenge lead-in? Last week It Takes a Church had only 294,000 viewers rather than 392,000 viewers two weeks ago, both with the Bible lead-in. Most other runs of It Takes a Church averaged around 400,000 viewers this season. Let us know on the sidebar what you think.


  1. PLEASE KEEP 'IT TAKES A CHURCH' ON THE AIR. I love this show. My 24 year old daughter didn't know about this show, but is now hooked after watching two episodes! Too soon to try to take it off air.

    1. I really enjoy it and have seen every episode. please keep this on the air.