Monday, July 21, 2014

GSN Schedule changes in August: 'Skin Wars' premiere, reruns plus major changes to Fridays and Sunday primetime

Courtesy of Casey Abell at GameShowFollies, the advanced schedules from GSN have been released for the week of August 4-10, the premiere date of Skin Wars.

*The Chase will have a "New" episode Wednesday, August 6th at 8pm, leading into Skin Wars. The episode number is to be decided. The Chase will remain new Tuesday nights. The Chase does not rerun Wednesday, August 6th later in the night.
*Skin Wars airs Wednesday at 9pm and will rerun 10 times: Wednesday 12am (replacing Baggage); Thursday 10pm (replacing Family Feud); Thursday 3am (replacing Baggage); Friday 11pm (replacing Family Feud); Saturday 3pm (replacing Dog Eat Dog); Saturday 8pm (replacing Family Feud); Saturday 12am (replacing Mind of a Man); Sunday 1pm (replacing The Chase); Sunday 10pm (replacing The Newlywed Game) and Sunday 2am (replacing The Pyramid)
*The Newlywed Game will air in the Friday night stack (8-11pm); replacing 1 vs. 100/It Takes a Church
*Steve Harvey's Family Feud gains the 5pm hour Saturday; replacing It Takes a Church. Skin Wars, in return, takes the 8pm hour Saturday. No gain or loss for Harvey Feud.
*In a new Sunday primetime lineup, It Takes a Church still reruns at 7pm, Game Show Moments Gone Bananas airs at 8pm and 9pm, Skin Wars airs at 10pm and The Chase still airs at 11pm; replacing The Newlywed Game. The Newlywed Game remains at 12am and 12:30am.

Special notes:
*The Pyramid (GSN 2012 version) leaves the schedule
*With the addition of Skin Wars, there is very little Family Feud and Mind of a Man cutback
*Mind of a Man gets two slots cutback, the 2am hour remains weeknights plus a few other slots remain.
*The Thursday morning lineup with double-runs of Blockbusters and Super Password remains August 7th.
*"New to GSN" episodes of The $25,000 Pyramid remain
*The Newlywed Game and It Takes a Church reruns remain Thursdays from 8-10pm.
*Dog Eat Dog does remain on the schedule-just at 3am weekend latenights.
*It Takes a Church reruns have been cut back to 3 a week.
*Richard Karn's Family Feud lives on the schedule for another week, at least.

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  1. I'm not sure if a new episode of The Chase would help Skin Wars any more than Harvey Feud would. I think GSN should rerun the new episode of The Chase at 11pm.

    Yikes! That's a lot of reruns for Skin Wars, I hope they're not all permanent.

    The Newlywed Game still has the same amount of airings a week. It gains 2 hours on Friday night and loses 2 hours on Sunday night.

    I'm guessing that Idiotest will rerun Sundays at 8:00 and 9:00pm, assuming Game Show Moments Gone Bananas is once again a one week placeholder.

    I'm happy yet surprised that It Takes a Church is still on the schedule. I wonder if it has any chance at a second season.

    The Pyramid going away doesn't surprise me that much, since GSN is currently airing "New to GSN" episodes of $25,000 Pyramid.

    1. It Takes a Church is going to get a second season because i seen a promo on GSN that It Takes a Church is looking for contestants.

    2. That's a good indicator they will pick up season 2. Saw.

  2. And also, Shop 'til You Drop will revert back to the Beginning of the PAX version on Friday, May 1st @ 5PM

  3. And Don't Forget, New-to-GSN episodes of Shop 'til You Drop with Pat Finn begins Tomorrow Afternoon @ 5PM

    1. Which are episodes 556(201), & 557(202) for today. For Monday, July 28th, 2014, they're 558(203), & 559(204). For Wednesday, July 30th, 2014, they're 560(205), & 561(206) & on Thursday, July 31st, 2014, they're 562(207) & 563(208).