Thursday, July 10, 2014

GSN Predictions: 'American Bible Challenge', 'It Takes a Church' will get additional seasons

American Bible Challenge and It Takes a Church are not leaving GSN anytime soon, I predict.

With my prediction, American Bible Challenge will have a 9-episode order for its fourth season. It Takes a Church will have a 6 to 8 episode second season order. Both of these would not air until after the New Year.

Since the May 22nd season premiere, American Bible Challenge has averaged 544,000 viewers (7 episodes) while It Takes a Church has averaged 401,000 viewers (4 episodes) since its June 5th premiere. This is in comparison to GSN's primetime average of 326,000 total viewers (Monday through Sunday, 8pm to 11pm ET). By those statistics, there is no doubt that, looking this early, Bible and Church will get additional seasons.

Game Show Network seems to be very happy with the numbers anyway:


  1. It's certainly safer to call a fourth season of Bible. I'd want to know the budget for It Takes a Church, especially compared to studio games Bible and The Chase.

  2. GSN is "very happy with the numbers" because they spin percentages? That doesn't mean a thing, especially with the numbers they tout here. Notice how they show percentage growth, not actual numbers, and they're confined to two very specific demographics (18-49 year old women and 25-54 year old women), and they are compared to the time period year to date average. If you really carved into those numbers, you'd see it's not a big deal at all.

  3. I really don't see either show getting another season. Those might be acceptable numbers, but The American Bible Challenge has gone way below its standards, which might tell GSN that it's no longer able to be their "feel good" ratings winner. I know The American Bible Challenge left the schedule after its other seasons, but the fact that Mind of a Man never left the schedule means that GSN would much rather have sexy garbage than spiritual winners.

    If I was in charge of GSN, I would move all current originals to weekends and fill the weeknight lineup with same day repeats of CBS and Syndicated game shows.

    I would do it like this. All times eastern.
    7:00pm Family Feud
    7:30pm Celebrity Name Game
    8:00pm Who Wants to be a Millionaire
    8:30pm Let's Ask America
    9:00pm Let's Make a Deal
    10:00pm The Price is Right
    11:00pm Jeopardy!
    11:30pm Wheel of Fortune