Thursday, July 17, 2014

GSN has listened: Schedule change next Tuesday

No worries, The Chase still remains on the schedule and new at 8pm. GSN will shuffle episodes of The Chase starting Tuesday, July 22nd. The past two Tuesdays (July 8th and 15th), two episodes of The Chase reran back to back at 8pm and 9pm and another 11pm repeat the same night.

Now, according to the TV Guide and Zap2It Schedule, GSN will leave the 11pm repeat of the New 8pm on episode Tuesdays, but the 9pm episode will be a rerun from the previous week, not previous hour.

This is a very small, technical change in episode numbers but will cause less of a drop when it comes to viewership after the new episode. For example, on July 8th, the 9pm immediate rerun dropped 53 percent from the season premiere.

The Chase, just this past Tuesday, notched up eight percent in total viewers from the season premiere.

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  1. This change actually occured this past Tuesday.

  2. Oh, really? I didn't think I saw that but if so GSN must have really reacted to poor numbers from Week 1 (July 8)

    1. Yes they really did because after the new episode of The Chase, they reran the Season Premiere at 9pm.

  3. No, they did int Week 1 because they only had one episode. Even GSN isn't going to react on numbers based on one time on the schedule. And it actually didn't do all that bad in the rerun.

  4. The Chase is my favorite newer gameshow on the network. I think the ratings increased a little in Episode 2 because more viewers found out new episodes were airing.