Monday, July 14, 2014

'American Bible Challenge' Finale Thursday

In case you missed the Semi-Final last Thursday, here is a spoiler:

Eighteen teams have been narrowed to three for the Season 3 American Bible Challenge finale: Team Bible Belts, Team Devoted Divas and Team Rhymz with Grace will all compete in Thursday's Grand Finale.

The American Bible Challenge Grand Finale airs this Thursday (July 17th) at 8pm (ET) on Game Show Network.

One of these teams, at the conclusion of Thursday's episode, will win an additional $100,000 for their charity. Team Bible Belts and Team Rhymz with Grace have already won $40,000 each to their charity. Team Devoted Divas has already won $25,000 to their charity.


  1. Have you seen any advertisements by GSN saying "Watch 3 Bible dream teams compete for $125,000"?

    If the winner receives an additional $100,000 and has a grand total of $125,000 like the GSN advertisement says, then GSN has already spoiled that Devoted Divas are going to be the Season 3 champions.

  2. I've seen that too, since the season premiere in May no less.

    This whole time we have known that the wildcard team would win.

  3. Looks like GSN lied in their advertisement. The wildcard team did not win.

    1. I was watching. I thought, when I saw the advertisements throughout the weeks on the bottom scrolls that GSN spoiled the finale, but why would they do that? They're not stupid.

      Very glad with the outcome. A post will follow.