Monday, June 16, 2014

Ratings: 'American Bible Challenge' Up, 'It Takes a Church' Down

Source: SonoftheBronx (Douglas Pucci) Twitter

American Bible Challenge from Thursday night (6/12) at 8pm had 536,000 total viewers, up four percent from last week's 512,000 viewers.

It Takes a Church from Thursday night (6/12) at 9pm had 385,000 total viewers, down eight percent from the premiere which had 417,000 viewers.

According to Futon Critic, on June 12th, GSN averaged 447,000 total viewers for primetime (8-11pm) while on June 5th, GSN averaged 440,000 viewers during primetime.

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  1. If I were you, I'd see if you can work out an agreement with Douglas about posting some of the ratings from GSN's lineup. It'd be a good way to draw eyeballs to your blog.

  2. I'll work on that soon, that's very important and I hope it works out. Thanks for the suggestion

  3. Ratings are Ho-Hum and flat. No real big gains or losses.
    If they air It Takes a Church by itself and gets around 400k, is that good?

    1. It's all relative it seems. For a game that has a smaller budget, like It Takes a Church... or at least I think has a smaller budget, that would The American Bible Challenge, then even a lesser performance in the ratings would be more forgiving with regards to renewal vs. cancellation.

      Consider how much it costs, on average, to make a season of episodes of The Chase. Now, compare that to It Takes a Church. It would be a lot easier to renew It Takes a Church if they were consistently scoring 400k+ viewers regularly throughout the season, and with a smaller, much more manageable budget, than would The Chase if it started really well and was dropping as the season wore on, scoring about the same, or even better than It Takes a Church, simply because it would cost less to run another season of It Takes a Church than The Chase, and the fact that the ratings would show that there is the same audience tuning into Church rather than a steadily dropping audience of The Chase.

      Long story short, if It Takes a Church can stick around in the 400k+ zone for the rest of the season and the budget's not too demanding, then I wouldn't see why Game Show Network wouldn't go for another season.

    2. As usual you have no idea what you're talking about. 400,000 could be good or it could be bad. How many of those viewers are under 50? That's the only thing GSN cares about. If it's 150,000, that's very good. Under 100,000 and the show is dead. Anywhere in between and it remains to be seen. The Chase does very well in the under 50 demo.

    3. Certainly, the younger demos are very important but think about it. If a show brought in 900k 50+ year olds vs a 400k total viewers with 150k+ 18-49 viewers, which one would you rather renew? Actually, probably both, but still.

    4. Which I would renew doesn't matter, because I'm not responsible for those decisions for GSN. But if a show brought in 900k people 50+ with no one under it would not be renewed by GSN.

  4. Hey Scott, have a look at this!
    A new game called, "The Line"

  5. The American Bible Challenge is on the edge of whether or not it will get another season. It Takes a Church more than likely won't get another season.

  6. My predictions for tonight:

    The American Bible Challenge 540k
    It Takes a Church 320k