Thursday, June 19, 2014

Official premiere dates for 'Skin Wars' and 'Idiot Test'

Via Press Release
GSN Announces Premiere Dates For New Original Summer Series SKIN WARS and IDIOT TEST
Game Show Network officially announced today premiere dates for two new originals. First up, Skin Wars will premiere Wednesday, August 6th at 9pm Eastern. Keep in mind that is the exact date and time when The Chase premiered last year.

Idiot Test will premiere Tuesday, August 12th as we previously heard, but at 8pm Eastern. The Chase will most likely move to 9pm, since new episodes will still be running by then.

Skin Wars is hosted by Rebecca Romijn and is accompanied by judges Craig Tracy, Robin Slonina and RuPaul.

Idiot Test is hosted by Ben Gleib.


  1. Since Skin Wars is premiering on Wednesday, then it's very unlikely that GSN will air a Harvey Feud marathon the day before this premieres, so I probably won't make a BIG YouTube rant video. However, if GSN replaced O'Hurley with Harvey on Monday nights or if they air a Harvey Feud marathon on that very day leading up to this, then I WILL make a BIG YouTube rant video. Copying the exact date and time of The Chase won't work, so don't get your hopes up GSN.

    Idiot Test I could see being a success, even if only minor. Of course, I'll wait until I see the show before I judge whether or not this show is a success or a disaster.

  2. No, i'm not going to watch Skin Wars and Idiot Test when it premieres