Wednesday, June 25, 2014

'Minute to Win It': Ratings recap.

It has been exactly one year to the date that Game Show Network launched their own version of Minute to Win It. The Guy Fieri version from NBC had been working well in reruns on Game Show Network where NBC's Minute brought in the younger demos GSN likes. Just six months after the acquisition from NBC, GSN announced their own revival. Here are the new run numbers for GSN's Minute to Win It:

New airings
May 23rd 10:00pm*: 452,000 viewers
June 25th 8:00pm: 525,000 viewers
June 25th 9:00pm: 350,000 viewers
July 2nd 8:00pm: 453,000 viewers
July 2nd 9:00pm: 403,000 viewers
July 9th 8:00pm: 423,000 viewers
July 9th 9:00pm: 396,000 viewers
July 16th 8:00pm: 481,000 viewers
July 16th 9:00pm: 480,000 viewers
July 23rd 8:00pm: 385,000 viewers
July 23rd 9:00pm: 379,000 viewers
July 30th 8:00pm: 445,000 viewers
July 30th 9:00pm: 389,000 viewers
August 6th 8:00pm: 596,000 viewers
August 13th 8:00pm: 329,000 viewers
August 20th 8:00pm: 356,000 viewers
August 27th 8:00pm: 335,000 viewers
September 3rd 8:00pm: 315,000 viewers
September 10th 7:00pm: 155,000 viewers
September 10th 8:00pm: 293,000 viewers
September 17th 7:00pm: 193,000 viewers
September 17th 8:00pm: 336,000 viewers
September 24th 7:00pm: 210,000 viewers
September 24th 8:00pm: 302,000 viewers
October 1st 8:00pm: 274,000 viewers
October 8th 8:00pm: 246,000 viewers
October 15th 8:00pm: 249,000 viewers
October 22nd 8:00pm: 255,000 viewers
October 29th 8:00pm: 339,000 viewers
February 25th 8:00pm: 315,000 viewers
March 4th 8:00pm: 261,000 viewers
March 11th 8:00pm: 480,000 viewers
March 18th 8:00pm: 409,000 viewers
March 25th 8:00pm: 396,000 viewers
April 1st 8:00pm: 281,000 viewers
April 8th 8:00pm: 396,000 viewers
April 15th 8:00pm: 437,000 viewers
April 22nd 8:00pm: 343,000 viewers
April 29th 8:00pm: 371,000 viewers
*: Post American Bible Challenge; sneak-peak
New episode average (39 episodes): 360,000 viewers

Minute to Win It never did too badly, where GSN's mistake started at the very beginning when forty hour-long episodes were ordered, the network's biggest order for a first season show yet. There is no chance for a second season of Minute to Win It with Apolo Ohno, where there are enough reruns on the shelf for GSN to run periodically.


  1. Ohno's catchphrase "Every second counts" really annoyed me. He said it several times during an episode and the audience would join him.

  2. No more annoying than the fat cook saying "You got a minute to win it; good luck" before every single challenge on his version.

  3. Minute To Win It did have a second season back in February.

    1. Technically, no. They just labeled it a "second season" even though MTWI just went on hiatus.

      All episodes seen to date for GSN's MTWI were suppose to be for Season 1 only.

    2. No, they promoted the episodes as "Season Two." It doesn't matter what they were intended for originally. They were aired as Season Two, and that's what they are, no matter how much you want to poo-poo on Apolo's version.

    3. The official ruling is that there were two seasons of GSN's Minute to Win It. That's true.

      Though, GSN never renewed their own version of Minute to Win It for second or additional seasons.