Wednesday, June 25, 2014

'Mind of a Man': Ratings recap: 'Improv' and 'Love Triangle' did better in 2011

It's been a while since Mind of a Man has been on our radar, but it is time to look back at some of the numbers. Mind of a Man, prior to its January premiere had mixed reactions, where the show did not appear family-friendly and was more like Baggage. DeRay Davis was an unknown host to GSN viewers with zero game show hosting experience. Mind of a Man tied the Family Feud element into the show along with what 100 men are already thinking, but the show turned out to be too much about humor and too little about gameplay.

There has been no indication from anyone at GSN that Mind of a Man has been cancelled or picked up for more episodes.

Below is how the ratings were new on Wednesday nights and in weekly reruns:

Mind of a Man new airings:
January 8th 8:00pm: 497,000 viewers
January 8th 8:30pm: 449,000 viewers
January 8th 9:00pm: 306,000 viewers
January 8th 9:30pm: 377,000 viewers
January 15th 8:00pm: 290,000 viewers
January 15th 8:30pm: 311,000 viewers
January 22nd 8:00pm: 362,000 viewers
January 22nd 8:30pm: 323,000 viewers
January 29th 8:00pm: 260,000 viewers
January 29th 8:30pm: 277,000 viewers
February 5th 8:00pm: 256,000 viewers
February 5th 8:30pm: 188,000 viewers
February 12th 8:00pm: 265,000 viewers
February 12th 8:30pm: 231,000 viewers
February 19th 8:00pm: 186,000 viewers
February 19th 8:30pm: 166,000 viewers
February 26th 10:00pm: 252,000 viewers
February 26th 10:30pm: 184,000 viewers
March 5th 10:00pm: 196,000 viewers
March 5th 10:30pm: 200,000 viewers
March 12th 10:00pm: 217,000 viewers
March 12th 10:30pm: 168,000 viewers
March 19th 10:00pm: 340,000 viewers
March 19th 10:30pm: 302,000 viewers
March 26th 10:00pm: 241,000 viewers
March 26th 10:30pm: 174,000 viewers
April 2nd 10:00pm: 303,000 viewers
April 2nd 10:30pm: 229,000 viewers
April 9th 10:00pm: 276,000 viewers
April 9th 10:30pm: 343,000 viewers
April 16th 10:00pm: 158,000 viewers
April 16th 10:30pm: 175,000 viewers
April 23rd 10:00pm: 227,000 viewers
April 23rd 10:30pm: 159,000 viewers
April 30th 10:00pm: 187,000 viewers
April 30th 10:30pm: 259,000 viewers
May 7th 10:00pm: 198,000 viewers
May 7th 10:30pm: 248,000 viewers
May 14th 10:00pm: Ratings Not Available
May 14th 10:30pm: Ratings Not Available
New airings average (38 of 40 episodes): 257,000 viewers

257,000 viewers for a GSN series is not a complete train-wreck but also nothing to look at for renewal. In comparison, Love Triangle averaged 280,000 viewers in 2011 and Improv averaged 267,000 viewers for their respective 40 episodes.

Total airings new run and rerun average per week (January 8-May 11):
January 8-12: 215,000 viewers
January 13-19: 213,000 viewers
January 20-26: 240,000 viewers
January 27-February 2: 222,000 viewers
February 3-9: 159,000 viewers
February 10-16: 164,000 viewers
February 17-23: 161,000 viewers
February 24-March 2: 219,000 viewers
March 3-9: 174,000 viewers
March 10-16: 184,000 viewers
March 17-23: 190,000 viewers
March 24-30: 170,000 viewers
March 31-April 6: 170,000 viewers
April 7-13: 175,000 viewers
April 14-20: 166,000 viewers
April 21-27: 141,000 viewers
April 28-May 4: 134,000 viewers
May 5-11: 143,000 viewers
New run and rerun average (18 weeks): 180,000 viewers

180,000 viewers is quite ugly when morning pre-1990's shows typically averaged better. Even with the latest addition of more Mind of a Man in latenights, I truly hope GSN does not give this show more episodes in any shape or form.

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  1. I have no idea why GSN gave Mind of a Man the 2am hour. I think sherriwed would've been a better choice for that timeslot. Love Triangle and Improv doing better in 2011(an awful year for GSN) proves that this show doesn't deserve to be on the schedule.

    If GSN can run the Mind of a Man daily, then The Pyramid should be back on the weekday schedule, as they both have 40 episodes. Speaking of originals, according to Casey's blog, GSN just green-lit a game show called Monopoly Millionaires Club. In case you didn't already know.