Saturday, June 7, 2014

'It Takes a Church', 'American Bible Challenge' numbers

Source: SonoftheBronx Twitter

American Bible Challenge and new GSN series It Takes a Church drew respectable but not outstanding numbers on Thursday, June 5th. American Bible Challenge (episode 4) at 8pm ET drew 512,000 total viewers, down 3 percent from the May 29th new episode.

It Takes a Church at 9pm ET drew 417,000 total viewers, a 19 percent drop from American Bible Challenge.

Douglas Pucci also notes that American Bible Challenge drew 107K in the adult 18-49 demo and It Takes a Church drew 106K in the 18-49 demo, both quite impressive considering the total viewers and network.


  1. They thought Church was going to be a flop. Why is that a decent hit?

  2. For all the hype, those aren't good numbers.

  3. Church numbers are all about the hype considering it is NEW and the first episode. I'm sure it will fall next week and the week after that.
    Past examples:
    Family Trade.
    Mind of a Man
    Late Night Puppets

    1. It Takes a Church most likely will follow in the footsteps of your examples but it is far better television than your examples (Though of course there are other better programs on GSN than It Takes a Church).