Wednesday, June 4, 2014

'Idiot Test' premieres Tuesday, August 12th

Just in case you have not seen some comments here at GameShowNetworkNews, one of GSN's newest, original The Idiot Test will premiere Tuesday, August 12th. It is presumed that The Idiot Test will go alongside The Chase, which will air new episodes on Tuesdays starting July 8th.

The Idiot Test is hosted by Ben Gleib.

No word yet on Skin Wars. GSN has aired advertisements for the show featuring Rebecca Romijn and RuPaul but not status on the air date.


  1. This show is so nerve-wracking. Where in the world did this host come from? He is especially irritating. If he thinks he is funny, and well - he is not. I like the over-all concept of the show, but it needs a lot of fine tuning. It is repetitive and, although the on going stupidity makes the show seem like it is moving fast, the actual game is so slow! I'm sure our congenial host is supposed to distract the contestants from the game, He does that and he distracted us so much that one show was more than enough. The channel was changed immediately after just this one episode and I doubt it will ever be watched again unless a lot of changes are made - including replacing this host with someone who has some people skills, to say the least!

  2. I figured out the answer to idiot test. It is that every show has gays, lesbians, bi - racial couples and unwed couples as contestants. The answer is that no straight couples are contestants.

  3. I've only seen lesbians twice, they mostly have normal couples. It still bothers me but you've given me a little perspective, anon, so I feel less bad now. (and why the hell would biracial couples matter what the hell. unwed couples? meaning dating? people gotta date before they marry. cmon man you're making us conservatives look bad)