Thursday, June 5, 2014

GSN Predictions: 'American Bible Challenge' will get a fourth season; 'It Takes a Church' will flop

Even with some lower than usual American Bible Challenge numbers, from predictions only I do expect Bible to get a fourth season with the same nine episode order.

American Bible Challenge has averaged 580,000 viewers in its first three episodes (May 22nd twice and May 29th). That is definitely down from Seasons 1 and 2 but still very manageable to stay on the network. The Season 3 premiere of American Bible Challenge was not that big of a deal for several reasons compared to the first two. Season 1 (August 2012 premiere) had all sorts of media attention and Out-of-GSN advertisement from GSN.

Plus, if anyone here thinks 580,000 viewers, averaged out for the first three episodes of Bible this season is low, take for example shows like Baggage and The Newlywed Game rarely reached 580,000 viewers. The second season of The Chase (November 2013-February 2014) averaged 584,000 viewers, which was enough for a third season with more episodes ordered than ever for the show. Sure, The Chase rose from Season-to-Season while Bible has fallen, but anything above 400,000 viewers is enough to keep a show around at GSN.

We are currently living in an era with cable television in the United States of "rising" and "higher expectations". The same is happening with the Game Show Network.

In addition, take into account that there is really nothing else big in ratings on GSN right now. 5th Grader has been gone for 9 months and the newness of Steve Harvey's Family Feud and Minute to Win It (both versions) have worn off. It is likely that these episodes of American Bible Challenge have been the highest rated shows on GSN per week.

It Takes a Church I predict will have success at first and will even attract an audience into GSN tonight to tune into American Bible Challenge before it. Church has attracted media buzz but I do not think it will stick to the GSN audience in the long-term. I do see all eight episodes of It Takes a Church airings before getting pulled but it is highly unlikely It Takes a Church will see a second season.

It Takes a Church airs tonight (June 5th) on GSN at 9pm (ET).

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  1. I saw a commercial for It Takes a Church earlier today on UP: Uplifting Network.
    Now, that network would be a better fit for this show than GSN.

    I think the show will get lower ratings than Family Trade. week two and beyond.