Thursday, June 26, 2014

'American Bible Challenge' Semi-Final tonight

Tonight on Game Show Network, the American Bible Challenge semi-final will air at 8pm. Three teams will compete where one will be sent through to the American Bible Challenge finale. The second Semi-Final will air Thursday, July 10th. There is no new episode July 3rd.

Six teams have advanced to the two-part Semi-Final event. These teams are Chefs to the Rescue, The Heartland Guards, Bible Belts, Kori's Crusaders, Devoted Divas and Rhymz with Grace.

American Bible Challenge since its May 22nd season premiere has averaged 545,000 viewers, down 35% from the non-final episodes of Season 2 and down 47% from the first six episodes of Season 1.

It Takes a Church with Natalie Grant is new tonight at 9pm. It Takes a Church has averaged 396,000 viewers in its first three episodes.

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  1. One more schedule change. GSN keeps sending me revised pdfs. Anyway, this should make oldies fans happy. On Thursday mornings starting the week of June 30, GSN will give Blockbusters and Super Password double runs. Thursday mornings only.

    The revised schedules are up at Game Show Follies. But stay tuned. GSN will probably send me new pdfs any minute now (wink).

  2. Interesting schedule change. I'm guessing that Blockbusters and Super Password are getting more viewers on Thursdays than Whammy and Lingo.

  3. I doubt that ratings had much (or anything) to do with it. The few weeks of ratings we got before Douglas Pucci was forced off his blog indicated Whammy was doing fine, at least by weekday morning standards. And nothing is going to get big numbers opposite the second half of TPiR.

    The message with the e-mail said the change was tied to some kind of promo for the old shows.

    1. Doubleruns of BB and SP Thursdays ONLY? One of the weirdest schedule changes ever.
      Then again, years ago,m Dawson Feud got the shaft on Fridays Only. No explanation given.

    2. I wonder why there isn't a new Bible Challenge episode July 3rd.

    3. I assume GSN figures with the holiday the next day, TV viewing will be lower than usual

  4. Glad to finally see these Bible Challenge numbers come tumbling down. Apparently, many people are as tired of Jeff Foxworthy, Turd Franklin, and that show in general as I am.