Monday, June 30, 2014

Advanced schedules through August 3rd

Per GameShowFollies/Casey Abell, updated and completely new advanced schedules have been released for the entire month of July. These schedules include episode numbers and reruns for The Chase, plus the finales for American Bible Challenge and It Takes a Church.

July 7-13
July 14-20
July 21-27
July 28-August 3

*The Chase will air/rerun Tuesdays at 5pm starting July 8th; replacing Shop 'Til You Drop
*The Chase premiere (Tuesday, July 8th at 8pm) will rerun Tuesday 9pm and 11pm; Saturday at 2pm and 9pm; Sunday 1pm and 11pm (7 total airings a week + following Tuesday afternoon rerun).
*Thursday mornings (July 3, 10, 17, 24, 31), Blockbusters and Super Password will have double airings; replacing Whammy! and Lingo.
*The Newlywed Game will air Thursday nights at 8pm and 8:30pm starting July 24th; replacing American Bible Challenge.
*American Bible Challenge drops off the schedule effective July 21st; current weekend reruns are replaced by It Takes a Church and The Chase.
*"New to GSN" runs of Pat Finn's Shop 'Til You Drop start July 25th in the 5pm hour.

In addition, Dog Eat Dog will remain on the GSN Schedule for another year (one year lease renewed through July 2015).

All Times Eastern


  1. The fact that The American Bible Challenge is being removed from the schedule completely, while recently ended originals like Mind of a Man and Minute to Win It will still be on the schedule, all but confirms that The American Bible Challenge has been cancelled. I believe GSN doesn't want this show to do well, which is why they waited an entire year to put this season on the air. They probably didn't want this show to do well because the people in charge of GSN do not believe that the Bible is true. I think this is why 5th Grader was removed from the schedule, because less Jeff Foxworthy = less chance of this show doing well.

    If they're getting rid of Bible Challenge, why do they have to put sherriwed back on Thursday nights? I'd rather see Harvey Feud take Thursdays.

    As for STYD, is it more of the PAX version or has GSN acquired the Lifetime or ABC Family version?

    1. GSN has acquired more of the PAX version of STYD.

    2. GSN already blew through the first 2 seasons of the PAX version. It is either going to be JD Roberto (making the PDF's wrong) if it is PAX or the second season of the Lifetime version, which would make sense, because the production number is 200 and 201.

    3. It's the PAX version according to the pdfs so that makes the pdfs correct.

    4. I have read a lot of dumb things on here, but this is the dumbest. GSN pulled the show because ratings have declined. The fact is this show has run its course and the third season has been rather boring and uninteresting.

    5. Once again, American Bible Challenge was pulled off the schedule after the Season 1 finale (October 2012) and the Season 2 finale (March 2013) entirely until the next season started, besides a Christmas marathon.

    6. The only logical explanation for these shows are if they were never before seen shows. I don't know we'll have to see. But STYD has not been pulled. It is on 4 slots a day.

      Also, there is not indication that it is PAX. it just says the Production number and the host, so you are wrong Tyler.

    7. "They probably didn't want this show to do well because the people in charge of GSN do not believe that the Bible is true. I think this is why 5th Grader was removed from the schedule, because less Jeff Foxworthy = less chance of this show doing well."

      This might be the dumbest thing I have ever read on this blog. Whether or not the Bible is true has ZERO bearing on the minds of those in charge at GSN. They want ratings. They WANT the show to do well. Why else air it? Also, less Jeff Foxworthy could mean a BETTER chance of Bible Challenge doing well. Fewer shows with him hosting mean people are less likely to get burned out on him. Please, think before you post something this ridiculous again. You just made yourself look asinine.

    8. Exactly, like another poster said in another thread, people are tired of American Bible Challenge, Jeff Foxworthy, and "Turd" Franklin.

    9. I wouldn't be surprised if those 2XX episodes of STYD were outside the Finn-hosted PAX runs, as I believe the second season of that version's episodes were listed as 80XX.

    10. Based on the 2XX, I'm guessing either the second season of the Lifetime run or the second season of the Family Channel run. I could be wrong though, because there were so many different runs of STYD and I have no idea how they numbered their episodes.

    11. GSN's Friday July 25th episodes of Shop 'til You Drop will be the Second Season of the Lifetime Version that started on April 1992

  2. Why would GSN want their own original to fail? If GSN execs do not want American Bible Challenge on the air, a show that averages 1.5 to 1.75 times the normal primetime average any given week, why would a third season have been ordered in the first place?

    The same people in charge of GSN now were the same people in charge in 2012. Not much has changed.

    In addition, after the Season 1 and 2 finales, GSN pulled American Bible Challenge from the schedule entirely then, just like now.

  3. GSN execs gave The American Bible Challenge a third season because it brought in near record viewership. It is very possible that a network renews a show they don't like because it brings in high ratings, like how A&E renews Duck Dynasty because it brings them 8 figure viewership, although they even said last winter they're not too fond of that show.

    I know the main people at GSN (David Goldhill and Amy Davis) were there two years ago, but it's very possible that one of them (or both) were regular Church attenders, but they lost interest in God, thus losing interest in American Bible Challenge.

    I know the show was removed before, but how do you explain The American Bible Challenge leaving while Mind of a Man is still on the schedule? That's a question I'll probably never have an answer to.

  4. More NEW STYD? Ugh.
    That means more Dee Baker in drag.....

    1. Unless it's Lifetime episodes, in which case it would be Mark L Wahlberg as the co-host instead.

    2. GSN is showing 8 new to the network episodes of Shop 'til You Drop @ 5PM next Friday, next Monday, next Wednesday & next Thursday on GSN

  5. Again, they do not want to add more Richard Karn Feud to the schedule, which is shocking. But, if it's only going to air one day a week, Sunday afternoon is probably the best choice, so they're playing it smart in that way. We'll see what happens in the future.

    1. What's shocking about not wanting to add more episodes of the WORST host of Feud? Karn was terrible! He never got one bit better. His first shows are almost carbon copies of his last shows. If anything, he actually got worse as he progressed, continually making stupid comments about "doubling" and "tripling" the points.

    2. Karn was definitely not the worst host. I actually enjoy his jokes and comments. It's just sad that GSN is airing him only twice a week now, since they used to air him at least once a day!

    3. Nico, in the past few years, mainly since the Harvey Feud acquisition, Karn Feud had always been a time-filler when there was nothing else to air.

      Now I see that as O'Hurley Feud.

    4. Nico, get used to it. That's all I can tell you. Unfortunately for you, most people seem to agree with me regarding Karn's hosting. What's good for you is that you can find pretty much the exact same jokes and phrasings in every one of his episodes, so a quick YouTube search will help. Or if that's not good enough, just watch one of those "Pocket Hose" commercials. He sounds exactly the same there as he did on Feud.

    5. Do people really hate Karn Feud so much where seven of you voted on the sidebar that two airings a week for Karn Feud is "too much"?

      Consider that not too long ago Karn Feud aired 28 times a week.

    6. Yes, my point exactly: In a short time we went from Karn Feud airing 28 times a week to 2 times a week, a HUGE drop. How this happened I haven't a clue, though I'm sure there are many theories. But 2 times a week is better than nothing, so I guess I'll live with it. And I have seen those "Pocket Hose" commercials and glad to see Karn in them! It really is a darn shame what most people think of Karn's hosting of Feud. He definitely deserves more praise and is underrated.

  6. Since 2014 is halfway over, I thought I'd give my predictions for the rest of the year for every single show currently on GSN. Originals like Idiotest, Monopoly Millionaires Club, and Skin Wars are not on this list because they have not premiered yet.

    In alphabetical/numerical order.

    1 vs 100: Will keep the slots it has now and might gain another weekend slot soon.

    $25,000 Pyramid: No change unless there's a weekday morning schedule shuffle.

    The American Bible Challenge: A 4th season and a Christmas marathon are possible. Otherwise, no return.

    Baggage: Might gain/lose a few late night slots.

    Blockbusters: No change unless there's a morning schedule shuffle. Might move to weekends again.

    Catch 21: Will get another slot somewhere.

    Chain Reaction: Will get another slot somewhere.

    The Chase: Will get a 4th season unless season 3 bombs. Possible holiday marathon.

    Deal or No Deal: Might move to weekends.

    Dog Eat Dog: Might get another weekend slot.

    Family Feud (Karn): Will leave the schedule completely.

    Family Feud (O'Hurley): Might lose the 1:00pm hour and/or Monday nights.

    Family Feud (Harvey): More slots all around the schedule.

    Game Show Moments Gone Bananas: Will continue to be a placeholder program. Might get a permanent weekend slot.

    It Takes a Church: Will leave the schedule completely. Possible Christmas marathon.

    Lingo: Might gain an additional slot in early afternoon or weekend morning.

    Love Triangle: Will either leave the schedule completely or no change.

    Match Game: No change unless there's a morning schedule shuffle. Might get the 8:00am hour on weekends if GSN decides to cut back on infomercials.

    Mind of a Man: Will get a reduction once GSN realizes that nobody likes this show.

    Minute to Win It: Will leave the schedule completely.

    The Newlywed Game: Might get a regular late night slot.

    Password Plus: Might move to weekdays.

    Press Your Luck: Might move to weekdays.

    The Pyramid: Will return to the weekday schedule.

    Sale of the Century: No change unless there's a morning schedule shuffle.

    Shop til You Drop: Might lose the 5:00pm hour but keep the noon hour. Might get a weekend slot.

    Super Password: No change unless there's a morning schedule shuffle.

    Whammy: Will leave weekday mornings but will stay on weekends and might gain an additional slot there.

    Those are my predictions for the rest of 2014.

    1. We will have a 2014:First Half later in the week here at GameShowNetworkNews

  7. GSN will not air the Roberto version of Shop 'til You Drop as of yet, but the network will air either the second season of the Lifetime version of the second season of the Family Channel (now ABC Family) version. Remember, the production numbers are 200 and 201. There must be more than 65 episodes of the second season of the Lifetime version.

  8. Shop 'til You Drop had 10 total seasons with PAX aired the entire Family Channel version and the final Lifetime season from April 19th, 1999 to March 31st, 2000. PAX also edited out segments where Mark L. Walberg answering questions to audience members as well.

    So here's the Shop 'til You Drop episode count

    Lifetime Version: TBD
    Family Channel version: TBD (620 overall)
    PAX Generation 1 version: 180 (800 overall, GSN aired 176 out of the 180)
    PAX Generation 2 version: 180 (980 overall)

    That's 980 episodes, plus the original pilot, and the 1993 Christmas Special.

    Reruns of the second season of the Lifetime version of Shop 'til You Drop begins next Friday @ 5PM only on GSN: Get Smarter Now!

    1. Here's the episode total for Shop 'til You Drop during it's 10 years on TV.

      Lifetime version: 480
      Family Channel version: 140 (620 overall)
      PAX Generation 1 version: 180 (800 overall)
      PAX Generation 2 version: 180 (980 overall)