Friday, May 23, 2014

'The Chase' coming in late July

A few dependable sources have stated the third season of The Chase will premiere in "the final two weeks of July." Brooke Burns stated on Twitter during a promo shoot that The Chase will premiere in July.

The thirteen new episodes for The Chase have been filmed the past two weeks. The second season of The Chase ended back in February.


  1. Prediction: When The Chase returns in late July, at the same time the 2 year lease of Dog Eat Dog will expire and won't be renewed. All of Dog Eat Dog's timeslots will become rerun slots for The Chase.

    That's just a prediction.

    1. I disagree.
      I'm sure they will load up with more 1 vs 100 or Harvey Feud or some other nonsense they play 20 times already.
      Same Shit Different day.

  2. The polls on the side aren't working, i voted yesterday and all the polls still show 0 (0%) as a result.

  3. I've noticed. They'll be taken down later and tested again. I think it is a problem with Blogger, not this blog alone.

  4. Sorry for the off-topic here, but if you take a quick look at Game Show Follies, you'll notice that we'll need a new source for ratings as Son of The Bronx has been targeted by the wonderful Internet Police.

  5. If you consider July 8 to be late July, then you're right. Your sources that tell you any later than that are not dependable.

  6. I like forward to it. Love the Chase, the best new game show in years.