Saturday, May 3, 2014

'The Chase' and GSN's '1 vs. 100': Sets very similar?

Due to the fact that news is slow within the past couple days, I am noticing many similarities between the 1 vs. 100 set, hosted by Carrie Ann Inaba and the current set of The Chase. The last time two sets were similar to each other was Baggage and Bill Engvall's Lingo, which were filmed around the same time. The Chase and 1 vs. 100 are nearly three years apart. Both The Chase and 1 vs. 100 were filmed in Los Angeles.
GSN's 1 vs. 100 (2010) top; GSN's The Chase (2013-present) bottom


  1. I don't see that much of a similarity, but GSN very well could have used the same studio to film both shows. Baggage and Lingo likely used the exact same set, just the monitors and podiums brought in for Lingo to replace Baggage's low tech set.

    BTW, check out the ratings for April 21-27. Whammy bombs at 9:30am compared to PYL the week before, Chain Reaction gets good but not great ratings, and Blockbusters becomes GSN's least watched program.

  2. Wonder why people didn't tune in to BB?

    1. I'd say because these episodes have cycled through at least twice now. Also, it's the final episodes of Blockbusters, from when the show was headed for cancellation. Finally, I know people love to sing the praises of Bill Cullen, but in my opinion, he could bring just about any show he hosted to a snail's pace or even a screeching halt, especially Blockbusters. Given all that, and the fact that people sleep in on the weekend or just have other things to do then, and you have the matching low numbers.

  3. And the hosts look very similar too. Both have 2 arms and a head. Sheesh!! It really has been a slow week. And about Blockbusters ratings, maybe becuz it sucks, especially on the 20th cycle.

    1. I agree with those observations.

      Programming Dept was pretty lazy with the recent schedule changes. Just switching the 9-10am hour from weekends to weekdays and the viewers will think it is "fresh".
      Yeah right.

  4. The PDF's for June 2-8 are out. A few things that are noteworthy.

    Mind of a Man is finally out of Wednesday and Saturday prime time, but remains in late nights. MoaM is replaced by Mr. Rerun in both prime time slots.

    Friday night: 1 vs 100 stays, Minute to Win It does not.

    It Takes a Church premieres. Not surprising, its rerun slots immediately follow The American Bible Challenge's rerun slots.

    1 vs 100 is out of Sunday nights, replaced by sherriwed.

  5. Just got pdfs through the end of June, continuing the changes mentioned above. GSN finally got tired of DeRay trashing the prime time averages.

    Still no word on The Chase's third season premiere.

  6. The Chase hasn't even filmed its third season yet. They film later this month and will likely air in September.

    I'm the guy with the really small phone. It looks like Ohno MTWI is out of Tuesday nights, but I can't tell what's replacing it. What is it?

  7. Since this website no longer does anything, I'll post the changes.

    The new Tuesday night schedule starting June 10.

    8:00pm It Takes a Church
    9:00pm The Chase
    10:00pm Family Feud (Harvey)
    10:30pm Family Feud (Harvey)

    The new Friday night schedule starting June 6.

    8:00pm 1 vs 100 (Saget)
    9:00pm The Newlywed Game
    9:30pm The Newlywed Game
    10:00pm It Takes a Church

    The new Saturday night schedule starting May 10 (tomorrow).

    8:00pm Family Feud (Harvey)
    8:30pm Family Feud (Harvey)
    9:00pm 1 vs 100 (Saget)
    10:00pm 1 vs 100 (Saget)

    Sherriwed replacing 1 vs 100 on Sunday nights also starts this week. Geez, how much Sherri does GSN need?