Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Official 'American Bible Challenge' numbers

Source: SonoftheBronx Twitter

Douglas Pucci reports the first new episode of American Bible Challenge scored 636,000 total viewers at 8pm Eastern and the second new episode scored 574,000 total viewers at 9pm Eastern.

The first episode is down 45% from the Season 2 premiere (March 21, 2013) which had 1.152 million viewers.


  1. I had a feeling that such a long time without any new shows, virtually one year, that the numbers would not be sharp. They're certainly good numbers, but lower than expected. I have a feeling, now, that those numbers will grow to about 800k plus, and I feel that we'll see a show or two in the 900k range. Enough people need to know it's back on now. A bit optimistic, and we'll see what happens.

  2. My feeling is just the opposite. Numbers will slowly drift down. Nothing major, but bottom around 400-500k.

  3. Someone or some people must be getting nervous over the greenlighting of "It Takes a Church"
    If TABC is getting low numbers, Takes a Church will probably get low numbers as well. The novelty has worn off.

  4. From Game Show Follies...

    American Bible Challenge didn't blow the Nielsen doors off. But at least it helped GSN prime time a bit. The viewer averages were 333K/243K prime time/total day for the May 19-25 week. I backed these numbers out from the monthly figures on TV Newser.

  5. With a good amount of promotion, the numbers should have been higher.
    Whether people got tired of it, remains to be seen.
    Whether the long hiatus played a role into it, remains to be seen.

    If the numbers don't approve by week 3, then it is time to declare failure for this season.

  6. Boy, talk about the revolution of rising expectations. Not long ago a show that got 636K viewers would be acclaimed as the greatest thing ever for GSN. Now it's time to declare the show a "failure."

    Actually, the real failure is Mind of a Man. Believe me, if DeRay had gotten 600K+ numbers, he would be coming back for a second season.

    1. I think the use of failure might be a little harsh, but major disappointment comes to mind. Does anyone know if GSN sells time based on predicted ratings like the big 4 nets? Had I been one of the brass at GSN I would have expected 700-800K and would probably be giving refunds or free ads right now. Everyone has to agree this is a big unexpected drop and unfortunately most shows lose viewers over the weeks after a big premiere. I'm somewhat worried. One question...I like to check tvbythenumbers for ratings and I've always wondered why no GSN shows have ever been listed in the cable top 100. They've had shows with enough viewers to make the lower half of the chart, but are never included. Do they not report in time to be included?

    2. Funny you should mention that list on TV by the Numbers. The first episode of American Bible Challenge's first season was the only GSN show to ever make the list. The top 100 is based on demos, and GSN skews very old.

      It still is remarkable how expectations have racheted up for GSN. Not too many years ago it would have seemed pretty strange to refer to a 636K show as a major disappointment for the network.

    3. It IS a major disappointment when your signature show, that had been doing upper 6 digits suddenly drops 25%+. Aside from excessive Feud reruns, everything they have is basically doing the same/lower rating than years in the past. I agree with others, saying they need something to back these shows up. Basically hope lightning strikes twice and they hit another winner, at least short term.