Wednesday, May 14, 2014

'Mind of a Man' finale tonight

It's about time.

GSN's latest original, Mind of a Man will conclude tonight which is assumed to be the final pair of new episodes ever due to very low ratings. Mind of a Man will air its final two episodes tonight (Wednesday) at 10:00pm and 10:30pm ET.

Since the premiere of Mind of a Man on January 8th through the latest reported numbers on April 30th, Mind of a Man has averaged 259,000 total viewers.

According to the latest advanced schedules, effective the week of May 19th, Mind of a Man will drop out of the Wednesday night primetime slot and has already dropped from Saturday primetime. Mind of a Man will continue to air in reruns Tuesday late nights, Wednesday late nights, Friday late nights, Saturday early afternoons, Saturday late nights and Sunday late nights.


  1. Glad to see this show end. I just hope it doesn't stay in reruns for long.

  2. Since the show is ending, will they replace Love Triangle at 10:30 on weekends?
    I believe they put LT back on the schedule to drum up curiosity for MoaM.

  3. I hope they replace Love Triangle. Pretty much anything else would be better than that.
    I think Mind of a Man is why Love Triangle even came back in the first place, and it turns out they're both terrible shows that need to be off the schedule.

  4. Why do my posts keep disappearing? I asked a simple game show question and when I come to see if it was answered, it's gone. This is not the first time.

  5. The show could be renewed, if the contract has a second season in place already.Plus, Don't forget the golden advantage in our genre, we're talking about a show- only giving away $1-10K daily,making the show real cheap enough to come back,without Valerie Cherish.