Saturday, May 10, 2014

GSN Ratings April 28-May 4, 2014: Harvey 'Feud', 'Catch 21' in top 10 again

In the latest week of ratings, Steve Harvey's Family Feud has consumed all top 6 slots of the entire week. Steve Harvey's Family Feud took the top 17 of 25 slots, while Catch 21 took 7th and 25th, The Newlywed Game took 12th and 18th, Chain Reaction took 13th, 14th and 21st and 1 vs. 100 (Saget) took 17th.

Meanwhile, Mind of a Man took the bottom 8 of 20 slots.

There was one airing this week above 600,000 viewers, a total of four airings above 500,000 viewers, 27 total airings above 400,000 viewers and 73 airings above 300,000 viewers.

Mind of a Man (airings):
Tuesday 3:00am: 109,000 viewers
Tuesday 3:30am: 69,000 viewers
Wednesday 10:00pm: 187,000 viewers (new)
Wednesday 10:30pm: 259,000 viewers (new)
Wednesday 1:00am: 199,000 viewers
Wednesday 1:30am: 187,000 viewers
Thursday 12:00am: 139,000 viewers
Thursday 12:30am: 137,000 viewers
Friday 1:00am: 125,000 viewers
Friday 1:30am: 109,000 viewers
Saturday 12:00pm: 117,000 viewers
Saturday 12:30pm: 95,000 viewers
Saturday 8:00pm: 142,000 viewers
Saturday 8:30pm: 149,000 viewers
Saturday 12:00am: 267,000 viewers
Saturday 12:30am: 166,000 viewers
Sunday 1:00am: 120,000 viewers
Sunday 1:30am: 113,000 viewers
Average: 134,000 viewers

Minute to Win It (Ohno) airings:
Tuesday 8:00pm: 371,000 viewers (New, finale)
Tuesday 11:00pm: 212,000 viewers
Saturday 2:00pm: 135,000 viewers
Sunday 12:00pm: 157,000 viewers
Average: 219,000 viewers

8:00am Match Game: 147K
8:30am Match Game: 188K
9:00am Password Plus: 185K
9:30am Whammy!: 223K
10:00am The $25,000 Pyramid: 191K
10:30am Sale of the Century: 190K
11:00am Super Password: 191K
11:30am Lingo (Woolery): 153K
12:00pm 1 vs. 100 (Inaba): 140K
12:30pm Lingo (Engvall): 191K
1:00pm Family Feud (O'Hurley): 206K
1:30pm Family Feud (O'Hurley): 236K
2:00pm Catch 21: 358K
2:30pm Chain Reaction: 354K
3:00pm Deal or No Deal: 318K
3:30pm Deal or No Deal: 324K
4:00pm Shop 'Til You Drop: 253K
4:30pm Shop 'Til You Drop: 251K
5:00pm Newlywed Game: 173K
5:30pm Newlywed Game: 200K
6:00pm Family Feud (Harvey): 332K
6:30pm Family Feud (Harvey): 427K
7:00pm Family Feud (Harvey): 389K
7:30pm Family Feud (Harvey): 459K
11:00pm Family Feud (Harvey): 318K
11:30pm Family Feud (Harvey): 413K
12:00am Baggage: 293K
12:30am Baggage: 273K
1:00am Family Feud (Harvey): 195K
1:30am Family Feud (Harvey): 186K
2:00am Family Feud (Harvey): 186K
2:30am Family Feud (Harvey): 163K
3:00am Baggage: 133K
3:30am Baggage: 110K

Primetime (8-11pm, except Sunday):
Monday Family Feud (O'Hurley/Harvey): 265K
Tuesday Minute to Win It (Ohno)/The Chase/Family Feud (Harvey): 377K
Wednesday Family Feud (Harvey)/Mind of a Man: 367K
Thursday Newlywed Game/Family Feud (Harvey): 291K
Friday 1 vs. 100 (Saget)/Minute to Win It (Ohno): 207K
Saturday Mind of a Man/1 vs. 100 (Saget): 292K
Sunday Shop 'Til You Drop/Newlywed Game: 316K


  1. Minute To Win It did well on it's season finale episode. Sherriwed didn't do well in the 5pm hour. Mind of a Man needs to leave the schedule ASAP.

  2. The 11:30am + 12:00am slots are a disaster, here's my solution.

    Morning schedule

    8:00am Match Game
    8:30am Match Game

    9:00am Password Plus
    9:30am Super Password

    10:00am The $25,000 Pyramid
    10:30am The $100,000 Pyramid

    11:00am Press Your Luck <-- Needs to be back
    11:30am Whammy! <-- Hate this show, but it gets ratings.

    12:00pm Lingo (Woolery) <--Has done well at NOON slot in past.
    12:30pm Lingo (Engvall)

    Basically an hour of each show, and the "older" version followed by the "newer" version.

  3. You have a mistake in your summary again. It's the same phrasing mistake that someone else pointed out last week. Mind of a Man did not take "the bottom 8 of 20 slots." It should say "8 OF the bottom 20 slots." It's just a small phrasing error, but it makes the sentence mean something completely different.

  4. "The 11:30am + 12:00am slots are a disaster, here's my solution."

    Good luck getting numbers with anything against the second half of TPiR, which pulls more than six million game show fans. Just doesn't leave much of an audience for GSN, no matter what they program. Whammy might do marginally better, but not by much.

    I agree that Carrie Ann should go at noon. Just run another ep of Woolery Lingo, as you suggest.

    "Mind of a Man needs to leave the schedule ASAP."

    It's finally getting cut back, and I think its days anywhere on the schedule are numbered. See the pdfs on Game Show Follies.

  5. For 11am, I would wither run an hour of Super Password or keep SP at 11 and put Press Your Luck at 11:30am. Shows usually do better in double runs, so I say try Super Password back to back in the 11:00 AM hour and see if it works. If it doesn't work, then try something else. Press Your Luck averaged 327K in its final week on the weekday schedule, very impressive if you ask me. So it could work against TPIR, but who knows.

    I say have a Lingo hour at noon. Woolery at 12:00 PM and Engvall at 12:30 PM. It could work.