Friday, May 2, 2014

Facebook complaints about morning programming

With the weekday morning changes recently, there has been some feedback on GSN's Facebook page:

The new morning line up stinks!!!! Bring back Pyramid please. Best show!!!!
what happened to PYRAMID and the old $25,000 Pyramid? I miss them & Dick Clark.
Oh look at that, classic game shows reduced to 3 hours...Blockbusters is removed after showing only about 50 episodes (twice) and the same with Sale of the Century...But what were we to expect from a network who thinks shows like Mind of a Man and It Takes A Church are GOOD shows...

It will all be alright, folks.


  1. Tammy Cox-BlockerMay 2, 2014 at 11:08 AM

    Get a grip people, it's just TV. I lost GSN when WOW!! dropped it from their lineup and I'm still living a good life. Big effing deal, get over it. I'm not a huge Family Feud fan(FFF) so I don't miss the network.

    1. None of those comments seem over the top. Just people making observations about changes in programs that annoy them. No different than you commenting here. Perhaps you are the one who needs to "get a grip."

  2. I don't think those comments are extreme.
    They're the same comments found here.

    Too bad GSN closed their forum. Would have been fun hearing those complaints there as well as some typical butt kissing to Sir Alex Davis and the Buzzerblog.

  3. Less classics in the morning=people crying foul on Facebook.

  4. Douglas Pucci just posted the ratings for the first week of the new schedule. Whammy averaged 208K, not that bad by morning standards. Woolery Lingo averaged 163K, what you unfortunately expect from much of anything in the death slot versus the second half of TPiR.

    Chain Reaction averaged 337K at 2:30 PM. The show always gets numbers in the afternoon. In fact, GSN now has a very solid block from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Then the numbers go south with Shop Til You Drop.

    Mind of a Man continue to stink up the total viewer numbers. A 141K average for all of its ridiculous 18 showings. The show is bombing huge, even if it generates a relatively young median viewer age.

    Overall GSN averages for the week were 308K/251K prime time/total day. Only so-so, but help is on the way in May.