Sunday, May 25, 2014

'American Bible Challenge' down from Season 2 premiere

We still do not know the official numbers yet but according to Futon Critic the primetime average for GSN (8-11pm) Thursday night was 512,000 viewers, meaning the two new American Bible Challenge episodes which consumed two-thirds of primetime most likely did not get above 600,000 viewers.

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Also note the Season 1 premiere drew 1.730 million viewers on August 23, 2012 and the Season 2 finale drew 960,000 viewers on May 23, 2013.


  1. Probably not the nail in the coffin, but I don't think the show has a prayer after this season(unless it's cheap as dirt). I honestly fear for the network overall. As Feud starts to fail they have little/nothing to fall back on. My guess is by Dec. '15 we see major changes. Either coexisting w/ CBS-Fremantle and rebroadcasting daytime games or branching way out in a complete other direction.

  2. Who knows what will happen by December, 2015? But GSN is hardly failing.

    The network is now reaching a record number of households - 80 million - and is putting up its best viewer numbers ever. Last year was its most watched year ever, and this year is tracking to surpass that, with the first quarter GSN's most watched quarter ever. Although recent weeks have been softer, they're still fine by the network's historical standards.

    Although we don't know the exact numbers, the overall prime time average suggests that American Bible Challenge averaged around 600K for its two hours. That's great by GSN standards. If the show can maintain that average for the third season, a fourth season is a lock.

    1. Things aren't as great as you make them sound. Of course they're putting up their best viewer numbers ever. They're available to more households than ever before. That is just common sense.

    2. I'm just looking at the long term big picture. Keep in mind I enjoy GSN as much as the next person, but I think the writing is on the wall. They have increased carriage but the viewer % hasn't moved up in tandem. With Bible and Feud showing signs of age(and repetition), ratings will continue to drift south. Unless they pull a magic game out of their hat, something has to change. I tossed out the end of 2015 giving them the possibility of one more year of Bible and Chase, to see how ratings for the new run pan out.

    3. "Of course they're putting up their best viewer numbers ever. They're available to more households than ever before. That's just common sense."

      CNN and a bunch of other old-line cable nets wish it were just "common sense." They're available in more households than ever before, too. That definitely doesn't mean they're putting up record viewership.

      "Ratings will continue to drift south."

      Why? First, ratings aren't drifting south to begin with. Otherwise, GSN wouldn't be putting up viewership records. There's been some natural seasonal softening as the weather has warmed up, but GSN will soon be benefiting from the weaker broadcast competition in summer.

      Second, you're reading way too much into the numbers for American Bible Challenge. Yes, they were down from the first two seasons, but no show is immune from that kind of aging. The numbers are still very good by the network's standards. GSN will take a 500K+ prime time average every day, thank you.

      Once upon a time, GSN really was facing the reaper. In 2000-01 the network had miniscule viewership and very limited household availability. Sony gave a half-interest to Liberty Media - which lives on as DirecTV's current 42% stake - and they brought in Rich Cronin to clean up the mess.

      Things are a lot better now, by any standard. Sure, there are always threats to any cable all the other networks out there. But GSN is doing fine compared to those bad old days.

    4. CNN is a NEWS network. There are a myriad of places to get NEWS these days. There aren't too many other networks that I am aware of devoted solely to game shows. Thanks for responding, though.