Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Schedule changes: How will they work?

There has been a lot of internet game show conversation about the daytime schedule changes starting today, April 21st. An hour of classics leaves weekdays while Blockbusters and Press Your Luck appear early weekday mornings. The overall weekly airtime for classics shrinks from 21 hours per week to 17 hours per week, out of 138 programming hours (15.2% down to 12.3% of pre-1990's per week).

Meanwhile, Whammy! and Chuck Woolery's Lingo are relatively older shows, but just not ancient. We'll have to see how they'll do in the former pre-1990's slots.

Typically modern shows (post-2000) do poorly in the 11:30am (ET) timeslot. I remember around 2012 GSN tried a string of shows then, including Chain Reaction, Jeopardy! and Woolery Lingo at 11:30am and none really stuck.

One part of the schedule I do not agree with now is the 11:30am to 1pm (ET) weekday lineup with Chuck's Lingo, Inaba 1 vs. 100 and Engvall Lingo. Two shows within recent history that appeared to work there have been Karn Feud and Shop 'Til You Drop, which both had double runs in the noon hour in the past year. If I were GSN, for a better transition from pre-2005 shows in the morning to O'Hurley Feud and Catch 21, I would have aired Karn Feud/Shop from 11:30am to 1pm, in one order or another.

I do think Whammy! will improve ratings in the morning and build a better lead-in to The $25,000 Pyramid. It's from 2002, anyway, so it's pretty old to everything else GSN shows after 6pm (ET) on their schedule. Plus, it's not a bad show and not really rerun as much as it could be.

Plus, it's a smart move to air Chain Reaction again. The Pyramid (GSN) at 2:30pm (ET) was a good performer but seemed drop-off from Catch 21. If I were GSN someday soon, I'd double up on Catch 21 in the 2pm (ET) hour and add an hour of Chain Reaction to replace either Deal or No Deal, Shop 'Til You Drop or 1 vs. 100 (NBC), because at least one of those hours needs to go.


  1. I really don't see Whammy doing well at 9:30am, I think either Blockbusters or Press Your Luck will be in that timeslot before the year's over.

    Karn Feud didn't do well at noon, sometimes even getting the lowest rated slots of the week there. Shop til You Drop did well at noon, so I could see Karn Feud at 11:30am and an hour of STYD at noon while Lingo (both versions) and 1 vs 100 (Inaba) could be relocated somewhere else on the schedule.

    I think Catch 21 in the 2pm hour and Chain Reaction in the 3pm hour would work, maybe both versions of Lingo could go in the 4pm hour while 1 vs 100 (Inaba) and The Pyramid could go in the 5pm hour. That's 4 straight hours of original programming, something the network wants to "triple" its amount of, so I think this could work.

    Syndie DOND can go to 10:30am weekends.

  2. Whammy is an awful show, and it will get less viewers than PYL did.

    While i disagree with the decision to remove the $100,000 Pyramid, i understand it, but the decision to remove PYL from weekdays was dumb, dumb, dumb and makes no sense.

  3. Yes, GSN needs to put Karn Feud back on weekdays.

  4. A lot of internet chatter?
    You are only sire reporting it since BuzzerBlog is DEAD.

    I think Whammy will get decent ratings. CR will do good in it's return. When TNG goes in effect at 5, I think it will do bad.
    I think they should just give CR the 2pm hour and move Catch 21 to a full hour at 5pm because I remember reading something recently, it was highest rated show on the network for one week. It couldn't hurt.

    1. "A lot of internet chatter? You are only site reporting it since BuzzerBlog is DEAD."

      I posted an entry on the schedule changes at Game Show Follies and got a lot of comments. My posts on GSN tend to generate the most chatter, especially since the network closed down their Internet board.

      I do agree that BuzzerBlog is dead.

  5. I dont know why Chain Reaction has been on and off the GSN schedule for last 2 to 3 years because I dont like the '06 verison of CR very much. Having Whammy @ 930a/830c & Lingo(Woolery) @ 1130a/10:30c on Weekdays means nothing, I can suggest that the GSN daytime schedule look like this...

    Mon to Fri:
    8a/7c-1p/12c Classics
    1p/12c Shop till you drop x2
    2p/1c Family Feud(Karn)
    2:30p/1:30c Family Feud(O'Hurley)
    3p/2c 1 vs 100(Inaba)
    3:30/2:30c Catch 21
    4p/3c Lingo(Woolery) x2
    5p/4c Newlywed Game(Shepard) x2
    6p/5c Family Feud(Harvey) x2

    Sat & Sun:
    9a/8c-11/10c Classics
    11a/10c Lingo(Engvall)
    11:30a/10:30c Whammy
    12p/11c The Pyramid
    12:30p/11:30c Deal or No Deal(SYN)
    1p/12c 1 vs 100(Saget)
    2p/1c Dog Eat Dog
    3p/2c Newlywed Game(Shepard) x2
    4p/3c Family Feud(Harvey) x2
    5p/4c Family Feud(O'Hurley)
    5:30/4:30c Family Feud(Karn)
    6p/5c Minute to Win It(Ohno)

    I personally believed that modern shows(2000-present) does not share the same hour as the classics(pre-2000s).

  6. TV Newser just posted GSN's averages for the last week of the old schedule, April 14-20. 309K/277K prime time/total day, ranking 44th and 36th in the windows. Some improvement from the preceding week (which was GSN's worst in a while) especally in total day. Douglas Pucci should post all the individual show ratings later this week.

    Prime time still looks spotty, but help is on the way with new seasons of American Bible Challenge and The Chase. It would be great if The Chase could break the million level in its third season.

    A note on another network: the debut of Salem significantly raised WGN's averages. American Bible Challenge will probably have much the same effect on GSN.

  7. As for the fantasy schedules that folks like to post, I'll give a couple of fantasies that David Goldhill probably has: an hour of last year's Wheel of Fortune at 10:00 AM and last year's The Price is Right at 5:00 PM. That would solve a lot of problems for GSN's schedule in a hurry.

    You know, maybe something like this could happen eventually. The reason I put these shows in these spots was to keep them far away from their regular first-runs (WoF in the access hour and TPiR at 11:00 AM). Someday GSN might be able to convince Sony and CBS that this scheduling wouldn't hurt the shows' first-runs.

    It's too bad that GSN has to fight the Nielsen wars with one hand tied behind its back. If they could get recent eps of the top syndie game show and the top broadcast game show, they would definitely move up in the Nielsen pecking order.

    1. Last years Wheel of Fortune and last years The Price is Right would be nice to have, but what about last years Jeopardy? I'm sure GSN would love to have America's Favorite Quiz Show back on their schedule, and with Trebek retiring in a few years, it could give Alex another chance to shine before he steps down as host.

  8. Why last year's Price is Right. If they want to keep current and not have any Bob go back to year one of Drew. Last season might just be a little too fresh. And you said GSN could convince CBS for Price. I read a post from you that tore a girl a new one when she mentioned GSN should try to get same night reruns of daily Price. I thought it was a little uncalled for, but I'm church and like to treat people with respect even if I don't agree with their post.

    1. I hardly tore her a new one. I just pointed out that relations between GSN and CBS seem a little, er, frosty right now. Which is obviously true. But things could always change. Once upon a time GSN did have TPiR reruns on the network.

      Anonymous posters around here have called me a fat ass and accused me of talking out of my ass. Now that's getting into new-one territory (wink).

      As for the suggestion of earlier Drew TPiR eps or recent Jeopardy eps, I'm sure that GSN would like to get anything they could. But I'm just fantasizing here. I don't have any inside information that GSN is about to acquire anything significant.

  9. Why don't they just change the name of the network to the Family Feud Network. I can't believe how many times they air that.

  10. Casey Abell is missing the point about last season's Wheel.
    Last season's Wheel is called "Saturday" Wheel of Fortune in most markets. Random last season episodes air in this slot. It would make sense if he said Wheel of 2+ Season's ago....

  11. Check out the ratings for April 14-20, all 5 airings of Press Your Luck made the top 100. Taking it off the weekday schedule was definitely a mistake.

  12. Seeing those ratings, and considering that PYL is usually their highest rated morning show, makes me believe that the weekday/weekend flip definitely has something to do with their current lease.