Monday, April 14, 2014

Rumored: Schedule changes starting 4/21

Update: The GSN Online Schedule confirmes the below changes for 4/21.

From many posts here and on the Verizon Fios and DirecTV schedules (though not Zap2It or TVGuide online), the following weekday schedule changes are rumored to occur starting Monday, April 21st:

*At 9am, Password Plus (Ludden) will replace Blockbusters
*At 9:30am, Whammy! (GSN) will replace Press Your Luck
*At 10am, The $25,000 Pyramid will replace Sale of the Century
*At 10:30am, Sale of the Century will replace The $25,000 Pyramid
*At 11:30am, Lingo (Woolery) will replace The $100,000 Pyramid
*At 2:30pm, Chain Reaction (GSN) will replace The Pyramid (GSN)

The following changes are rumored to occur on Saturday, April 26th and Sunday, April 27th:

*At 9am, Blockbusters will replace Password Plus.
*At 9:30am, Press Your Luck (80's) will replace Whammy!

All Times Eastern

The GSN Online Schedule is only seven days in advance, therefore the April 21st schedule is not available yet. There have been no new "advanced pdf schedules" released yet.


  1. No changes on my end for April 21st. Will keep up to date though.

  2. Some of these changes make sense, though according to the old pdf's, GSN still has the rights to $100k Pyramid through at least May 2, I don't see any harm in airing it through at least then.

    I think Password Plus will still be the Tom Kennedy version, not the Allen Ludden version.

    I don't understand Whammy at 9:30am at all, unless it's a placeholder for something else. I don't see why GSN couldn't have kept Press Your Luck at 9:30am.

    Hopefully Blockbusters and Press Your Luck will return to the weekday schedule soon.

    Only part of the schedule for Sunday is available on my end, so I don't know if The Pyramid will keep its slots there, but I'm assuming it will. Maybe $100k Pyramid will get the Sunday 1am hour back, though that's just wishful thinking on my part.

    Heck, for all I know maybe nothing will change. Hopefully we'll find out soon.

  3. Does Whammy still remain at 10am on weekends?

  4. Does Whammy still remain at 10am on weekends?

    1. Yes, Whammy! stays on weekends at 10am (ET), and Love Triangle remains at 10:30am (ET).

    2. Yahoo TV has all the listings fropm Zap2it.. The URL:

      I've e-mailed the nice lady at GSN who sends me the pdfs. Haven't heard back yet.

  5. I bet they didn't acquire a new batch of episodes for Blockbusters or PYL so instead, they moved both runs to the weekends that way the rotation of episodes go slower.
    I hope for some Ludden P+ but have a feeling it's Kennedy. Same set of episodes.

    As for Whammy weekday mornings, I think it is a placeholder for it to be moved in the afternoon's if the ratings do good. I see it eventually get replaced in the mornings by STYD. It'll be a matter of time before STYD gets moved to mornings.

  6. The GSN Online Schedule confirms the changes.

  7. The new pdfs are up at Game Show Follies for well into May. They confirm all the changes. Of course, there may be more changes that make the pdfs obsolete (wink).