Wednesday, April 2, 2014

'Mind of a Man' Season Finale May 14th

Word for GSN headquarters today that the Mind of a Man Season Finale, mostly likely a series finale due to lacking ratings, will take place Wednesday, May 14th at 10pm (ET) with two new half-hour episodes. It is presumed that Steve Harvey's Family Feud will air the remainder of the evening, like it used to prior to January.

Mind of a Man still airs Wednesdays at 10pm and 10:30pm (ET) on GSN with two new episodes.


  1. The total viewer numbers sure aren't encouraging. But GSN made a big deal over the show and DeRay Davis at the upfront, and Mind of a Man does skew very young by GSN standards. The show also has to be very cheap with the low-rent talent. A second season is not completely beyond the realm of possibility.

    1. Well, that's your opinion. Your thinking the show isn't a good show doesn't make it perform poorly in the ratings. If that was the case, I know a lot of television shows that wouldn't be on the air today. Ratings aren't that great, and I wouldn't count on a second season. But, stranger things have happened. The format's not too terrible. I mean, at least it's a game show.

    2. I actually gave the show a lukewarm review. Not the best, not the worst. And I'm not making the show get poor total viewer numbers. Those are the ratings coming from the Nielsen Company. You've got a problem with the numbers, go complain to them, not to me. I don't care what your opinion is.