Saturday, April 19, 2014

GSN Schedule changes starting April 28th; plus marathons

Courtesy of Casey Abell at GameShowFollies, additional schedule changes will take place starting Monday, April 28th. Already, the week of April 21st (this Monday) has some daytime changes Monday through Friday and early weekend mornings.

New schedules:
April 28-May 4
May 5-11
May 12-18
May 19-25
May 26-June 1

*Starting April 28th, The Newlywed Game with Sherri Shepherd will replace 1 vs. 100 (Saget) in the 5pm hour weekdays.
*Another hour of Minute to Win It will be added on Sunday, May 11th only. The Ohno version will air from 12pm to 2pm while the Fieri version will air from 2pm to 4pm; which replaces an hour of Karn Family Feud.
*On Memorial Day (May 26th), GSN will air a 12-hour Steve Harvey's Family Feud marathon from 8am to 8pm.
*American Bible Challenge will rerun from 8pm to 10pm Monday, May 26th; replacing John O'Hurley's Family Feud.
*Game Show Moments Gone Bananas with Ben Stein will air Thursdays at 9pm and 12am as a place-filler for It Takes a Church.
*American Bible Challenge reruns Saturday, May 31st at 5pm, replacing O'Hurley's Family Feud.
*American Bible Challenge reruns Sunday, June 1st at 12pm and 7pm
*Game Show Moments Gone Bananas reruns Sunday, June 1st at 8pm.

*"New to GSN" episodes of The $25,000 Pyramid still start on Wednesday, May 21st at 10am.
*For the week of May 19-25, American Bible Challenge still keeps its slots (Thursday 8-10pm NEW, Thursday 11pm-1am, Saturday 4pm-6pm, Sunday 11am-1pm and Sunday 7pm to 9pm).

Casey Abell noted in a post that GSN stated they were not going to replace The $100,000 Pyramid with Chuck Woolery's Lingo until later in May at 11:30am weekdays. (The change starts April 21st).

All Times Eastern


  1. I am no longer going to watch GSN in the 5pm hour. Sherriwed has never worked on weekdays, they tried it at 4pm a little ways back and it bombed. I doubt it will do any better in ratings then what 1 vs 100 (Saget) was getting there.

    I also will not be watching GSN on Memorial Day (or should I call it Mr. Rerun day) except for maybe the repeats of Bible Challenge that night. Though I wonder if The American Bible Challenge is only there for Memorial Day, or is it permanate and O'Hurley Feud could be out of Monday nights like Karn was a few months ago?

    I had a feeling Game Show Moments Gone Bananas would return at some point. GSN probably wishes this show had more episodes so they could put it somewhere on the regular schedule.

  2. Too bad we are going to miss $100K Pyramid on GSN.

  3. Sherri and Steve are of course two of GSN's most reliable ratings-getters, so it's no surprise they're receiving more timeslots and a marathon, respectively. Even last week (April 7-13), a down week for GSN in general, Sherri averaged 332K for all her slots and Steve averaged 318K for all of his.

  4. Tammy Cox-BlockerApril 19, 2014 at 8:37 PM

    I'm beginning to not care that WOW!! cable/internet dropped GSN. I'm finding I miss very little from their schedule. I wonder how many viewers this knocked out of their daily/weekly totals, because a large amount of people are doing WOW!! The same services(lost a few channels/gained a few) are half what we were paying Comcast.

    1. I don't know the details about this cable carrier, but GSN has steadily expanded its household availability, now at an all-time high of 80 million. At this year's upfront Goldhill said 85 million was "in sight."

      Despite constant Internet criticism from fans of older shows, GSN has grown and prospered. In fact, they may be prospering too much for their own good. GSN recently laid out $160 million for an online bingo game. That may be God's way of saying you have too much money (wink).

      By the way, my guess is that the perpetual criticism from fans of older shows was the reason GSN closed down its Internet board. That's just a guess. I don't have any inside information from GSN beyond the pdf schedules they send to me.

    2. One other thing: you have to keep GSN's record-high number of available households in mind when the network brags about 2013 being its most watched year ever and January, 2014 being its most watched month ever. (We heard all that happy talk at the March upfront.) That's all true but GSN has the obvious advantage nowadays of simply being available to more viewers than ever before.

    3. Casey, what do you think of the new $25,000 Pyramid episodes which start on May 21st? Did you expect that to happen and did they mention it in the e-mail to you of the PDF schedules? Remember a few years ago when they listed "new" on the PDF's for 25k Pyramid. At least they are not doing that this time it seems, which is good.

    4. No, they rarely mention "new" (to GSN, of course) episodes of an acquired show that's already on the network. In fact, I can't remember them ever doing it. They will note when an acquired show comes to GSN for the first time, because that's a significant change in the schedule.

      You have to remember that these pdfs are intended for the TV schedule sites, like Zap2It. Those sites don't care if some episodes of a thirty-year-old game show - which is already on the GSN schedule - have never been seen on the network before.

    5. Ok, makes sense. I'm looking forward to the 25k Pyramid episodes starting May 21st. What about you?

  5. Casey, does the mean, GSN's ratings will give TPiR(CBS) & WOF(SYN) a run for the money soon or is it to continue grow more and more in the coming months/years ahead?

    1. Are you kidding? GSN's most watched show EVER didn't even get 1/4th the audience Price is Right does every day, and only got about 1/10th of the audience WoF gets every night. Think before you post.

  6. Tammy Cox-BlockerApril 20, 2014 at 6:28 PM

    I honestly wasn't aware that the potential viewers for GSN were actually rising. Not sure what the loss of WOW!! cable took from them, but from what I can tell it's the only cable network in the top 100 they don't offer. Of course they dropped GSN the month we decided to switch from Comcast. I'd like to know if it was a money issue or not. And I don't like to be pessimistic, but check back with me in a couple years. Once viewers start to tire of Feud 2.0 it could be panic time if they don't have a back-up plan. At 75-100 eps per week how many times can they run these w/o burnout, even if they acquire each new season.

  7. GSN would have to become the most watched cable network of all time to get audiences like Wheel and TPiR. I track those ratings closely, and Wheel of Fortune averages 10-12 million, TPiR 5-6 million. No cable network averages anywhere close to those numbers.

    That said, I'm sure GSN would love to get recent repeats of both shows on the schedule. But that looks impossible right now.

  8. "And I don't like to be pessimistic, but check back with me in a couple years. Once viewers start to tire of Feud 2.0 it could be panic time if they don't have a back-up plan."

    It's always "panic time" on every cable net. They're always worried about the next big hit to replace whatever hit is carrying the network right now. History is worried about the replacement for Pawn Stars, HBO is worried about the replacement for Game of Thrones, Fox News is worried about the replacement for O'Reilly, etc., etc.

    To look at just GSN, they had Millionaire carrying the network for a while, and they had to replace that. Then they had Deal or No Deal carrying the network for a while, and they had to replace that. It's just the way of life for cable networks.

  9. Yes, I agree 100%. Every network has their one show that makes them and when it burns what do they do next? But GSN seems to be so much more dependent on picking up eps of past runs compared to in house programming. They've had some GSN produced minor hits, but not enough to support a run like FF. My gut always said they needed to work w/ CBS and Fremantle and try to get LMAD and TPIR in same evening repeats, sort of like the old soap network did. Might be pricey though. After Feud runs it's course I can't see anything w/ a plethora(hey I like that word) of eps. that could sustain them long term.

    1. By GSN standards, American Bible Challenge and The Chase are hardly minor hits. And in the past the network has produced several successful, long-lived originals: Lingo, High Stakes Poker, Catch 21, Newlywed Game, Baggage. I just think you're way too pessimistic about the network. Let's face it, so far this year GSN has racked up record household availability and record viewership. That's not bad.

      In general, fans of older game shows are always dumping on GSN and predicting its imminent demise, because the network has steadily moved away from older material. But GSN is hardly on its last legs. In fact, it's never done better. If things were grim like the near-death experience of 2000-2001, I'd be the first to say so. But that's just not happening.

      As for TPiR and LMAD, the network's relationship with CBS doesn't seem so sweet right now. I wouldn't hold my breath on acquiring either of those shows.

  10. Did 100K pyramid air today or was it replaced weeks early by Lingo with Woolery?

    I noticed that P+ was the episode with Betty White and Regis. I think that was the episode they started with on the weekends when they got a new contract of episodes months ago. Whammy was not the first episode.

    1. $100k Pyramid was replaced with Woolery Lingo starting Today.