Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Confirmed: Schedule changes starting 4/21 through May

Thanks to GameShowFollies, the daytime schedule changes and weekend schedule changes on April 21-27 from here are confirmed plus there are additional changes involving American Bible Challenge, Minute to Win It (Ohno) and Mind of a Man later in May.

Updated schedules:
April 21-27
April 28-May 4
May 5-11
May 12-18
May 19-25

Besides the daytime changes, American Bible Challenge returns for its third season Thursday, May 22nd from 8-10pm with Steve Harvey's Family Feud as a lead-in, lead-out. American Bible Challenge reruns will also air Thursday late night at 11pm and 12am, Saturday afternoon at 4pm and 5pm, Sunday at 11am and 12pm and Sunday night at 7pm and 8pm.

Minute to Win It (GSN) has its last new episode on Tuesday, April 29th with reruns staying on Tuesday nights at 8pm (and Tue. 11pm, Sat. 2pm, Sun. 12pm) throughout May.

Mind of a Man will have its last new runs on Wednesday, May 14th while reruns continue in the same timeslots during the week of May 19-25.

In addition, starting later in May there are "New to GSN" episodes of The $25,000 Pyramid.

All Times Eastern


  1. The American Bible Challenge returns as expected. Not the rerun slots I would've chosen, but I'm looking forward to the new season.

    Minute to Win It will not get another season, but it'll probably remain on the schedule until the new season of The Chase premieres.

    Mind of a Man is still gonna be on the schedule? I really hope that's a typo, because that show doesn't deserve to be on the schedule beyond May 14.

    Side note: starting the week of May 19-25, Karn Feud and The Pyramid are reduced to only 2 slots a week. I wouldn't be surprised if either of those two shows were to leave the schedule before the end of the year.

    1. Yes, absolutely the wrong slots to put the reruns in, especially since there weren't enough Karn Feud episodes airing on GSN to begin with. Unless they go back to putting them in that slot when The American Bible Challenge season is over. Sometimes I just don't understand GSN.

  2. The $25,000 Pyramid starting 21 May goes to episodes from April 1985, which apparently have never been seen on GSN.

  3. TV Newser says that GSN had its worst week in a while for total day April 7-13. The network was down to a 244K average for the week. I assume the weekday morning numbers, which have been among the worst on the schedule, must have been pretty bad.

    This may have been the final straw for GSN, resulting in the shakeup with Whammy and Woolery Lingo. We should get all the April 7-13 numbers from Douglas Pucci later this week.

  4. By the way, the prime time average for April 7-13 wasn't so hot, either, at 304K. But help is on the way in prime time with American Bible Challenge next month.

  5. I also see that there's a "Minute to Win It" marathon on Mother's Day, Sunday May 11.

  6. The 'Minute to Win It' marathon, with both NBC and GSN versions seems more like a mini-marathon, which just cuts the 3pm (ET) hour of Richard Karn's Family Feud. Thanks for noticing the change.