Thursday, April 10, 2014

'American Bible Challenge': Season 3 updates

The third season of American Bible Challenge is arriving in six weeks from now, besides the new trailer from GSN, news on this new season has been quiet but GameShowNetworkNews knows the following information:

In this third season (which premieres May 22nd on GSN), there are still physical stunts where contestants, just like in Season 2 will have to leave the podiums and work on drawing and building some bible-related messages.

Plus, we knew Kirk Franklin would return for Season 3 but we would not know status about the rest of the choir. For Season 3, there is still a very active choir. There was never doubt about the return of the choir but some thought the choir would be toned down. For Season 3, we will still see a full-forced, loud choir, which I believe ticks some people off. We'll see if GSN has made the appropriate changes.

American Bible Challenge will also not compete with high-rated shows on network television either this year, while previous GSN primetime originals have showed struggles versus The Big Bang Theory and American Idol.

Season 3 of American Bible Challenge premieres Thursday, May 22nd at 8pm (ET), with two back to back new hour-long episodes.

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